Announcing the launch of The Webgains Academy: A Modern Learning Environment

Businesses are facing a shift in how they educate and train employees if they are to accommodate the needs of tomorrow’s rising talent, and traditional training initiatives cannot keep pace with the current rate of change.

In a fast-moving world, employees must be up-to-date with the latest technology and services as clients increasingly demand solutions and support in real time. What can your business do to make sure employees remain educated, challenged and engaged at work?

While scheduled training sessions are useful, employees need to be able to access information at the point of need if they are to enhance services and provide clients with real value. Businesses need to consider how different generations learn and absorb knowledge if they are to empower employees through information. Everyone has different ways of learning and taking on new information. Some may benefit from on-demand training, others benefit more from team-based sessions and structured learning environments. What is important, is creating an inclusive environment where all employees can develop.

Lifestyle. Energy. Results.

At Webgains, we recognise the importance of developing a training regime that meets the needs of each employee. We have revised the traditional learning structure to enable all employees, to develop and diversify their knowledge as and when they need to. It’s called The Webgains Academy – an inclusive learning environment that provides professional development at the point of need, as opposed to just formal training sessions and classroom-based activities.

Opening officially in June 2017, the Webgains Academy uses a contemporary, on-demand ‘do and learn’ approach to training, putting professional development in the hands of the individual and fostering learning through real-world execution, rather than just theory. This allows for more meaningful and relevant learning and enables us to get employees up-to-speed to deliver results.

Achieving the best results and maximising performance starts with your employees and building a team.

Teamwork and intelligence wins’ championships!

Talent might win games, but teamwork and intelligence wins’ championships – and we’re dedicated to achieving the best performance possible. The Webgains Academy enables employees to choose the type of learning that suits them, whilst working alongside some of the most brilliant and inquisitive minds in the business.

The Webgains Academy learning structure is wholly adaptable. For employees that are more accustomed to traditional learning environments and collaborative learning, the Webgains Academy offers team-based sessions, which apply both theory and execution in real-world situations.

Brains not hands get results in affiliate marketing, and with this approach, businesses can develop an agiler professional development system, which is dynamic and responsive and enables employees to keep up-to-date with the latest changes in the industry, provide greater value to their clients, and deliver more for less.

Becoming so good, you can’t be ignored

Ultimately, the idea is that businesses build their people, who in turn will help the business to not only determine how it should build its processes and infrastructure but help it to grow and secure new opportunities.

We want to support the growth of our employees – and for them to support us. We want them to be advocates for our brand, to talk about us, and to recommend us to everyone in the industry as the smart and innovative brand.

Getting to this stage requires a lot of change, which always brings with it the possibility of staff turnover – primarily down to the fact that whenever a business alters its processes to accommodate new people and technology, many of the old processes are lost, which may frustrate some employees.

However, transforming the business and preparing the workforce for the future is undoubtedly worth it. To ensure competitiveness and high-level performance in the world of affiliate marketing – educating employees, sharing insights and working together is fundamental.

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