Emocial: The Scratchcard Initiative that Drives Engagement

Emocial are a multichannel publisher specialising in developing additional revenue streams from customer journeys across email, mobile, social and digital channels. Their recent scratchcard initiative which has helped advertisers to use customer information efficiently, has not only enhanced advertisers’ databases, but has also delivered the kind of personalisation which makes things better for consumers.

Emocial’s scratchcard initiative has seen scratchcards handed out to consumers upon purchasing in store. This scratchcard can then be redeemed online either for an offer or for entry into a prize draw. Advertisers are then able to capture offline leads which can then be targeted via a range of online channels including email and social. This customer engagement programme allows advertisers to obtain a better understanding of their in-store consumers, to grow their existing email marketing database exponentially and in turn drive local sales.

One case study demonstrates:

  • +45% database growth / 25% conversion rate
  • 91% newly acquired email addresses
  • 40% of customers register outside of store opening hours
  • 88% of customers are still in the database after 3 months
  • New campaign planned for 2014/2015