New Advertiser WebApp – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Advertiser Web Application?

The new Webgains Advertiser Web Application allows advertisers to manage their programs more efficiently. Here are the main improvements it offers, compared with our old platform

More appealing look and feel:

The new design makes the platform more accessible, quicker and more intuitive to use.

Improved reporting:

It is now possible to generate comparative reports which will immediately give you a snapshot of your account’s performance.

It is easier to create reports on the fly by changing dates, and status directly on the screen.

Improved publisher management tools:

Improved the search functionality and display of the publisher management area allows advertisers the ability to search for and manage their publishers better.

New dashboard:

The new dashboard is a vast improvement to the older one. The dashboard will allow the advertiser to immediately view the most important daily, weekly and monthly stats, the top performing products and publishers and approve or reject new publisher applications with one click.

Improved email functionality:

The email suite has been revamped allowing advertisers to use drag-and-drop email templates and elements to create their latest emails.

This is a Beta Release

We wanted to bring the advertiser web application to you as soon as we could so that we can get early feedback and develop it based on user feedback.

The platform has all the features that the advertisers need to run their programs successfully. However, the platform is currently only available in English. Other languages will become available by the end of the year.

Is the platform available in my country?

We are launching with Webgains clients in the UK, Germany, Spain and the US. If you are not in these territories but would like to access, please speak with your account manager.

How to access the new platform?

You can access the platform at https://platform.webgains.com

Use your existing login details, but make sure you use your full email address.

I am having trouble accessing the new platform

Please go through these suggestions, as in most cases they have solved the problem:

  • Are you able to log in on the old platform? If yes, then your existing login details should work on the new platform as well
  • Which URL are you using? Make sure you’re using platform.webgains.com
  • Are you using full email, instead of just a “username”?The old platform will allow you to log in with a username, but you must use the full email associated with your account to login
  • Are you using the correct password? If you have never logged in on the new platform before, the password reset will state that the account can’t be found. If you have already logged in in the past, you can use the password reset link to create a new password. Please note, once you have logged in onto the new platform, and you have forgotten your password, you need to reset it using the new platform. If you have changed your password on the old platform, it needs also to be changed on the new platform, as password changes on the old platform will not automatically migrate to the new platform.

I am an Agency user, but I can’t access all of my programs

Please get in touch with client support, and we will help you clientsupport@webgains.com

Can I still access the old platform?

Yes, Webgains will not lock out of the old platform, and you can choose to use whichever platform they prefer.

Is the new platform available in other languages than English?

Currently Beta is available only in English. Localisation work is underway, and we expect to support other selected languages by the end of 2018.

What should I do if I spot a bug or want to provide feedback?

If you have feedback or spot a bug, please send email to Client Support who will then forward it to the relevant team members, or open a Helpdesk ticket.

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