A Year of Playing it Forward: Meet Webgains publishers who can help you accelerate your affiliate marketing

The Webgains affiliate marketing network is home to over 250,000 publishers worldwide. For readers who aren’t familiar with how affiliate marketing works, these businesses earn commission by driving traffic to merchant websites. Typically commission is paid to the publisher by the merchant advertiser only when a sale is made.

Affiliate Marketing
Publishers drive traffic to merchant websites in exchange for commission, typically earned when a purchase is made

Merchant advertisers who join the Webgains network can work directly with these publishers who will drive their online sales, often with amazing results. For example, advertisers on our self-managed platform designed for SME and scale-up businesses, make an average of £35,000 worth of additional sales within six months of their affiliate programme’s launch. Obviously this figure scales massively for larger retailers with managed programmes.

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We created Play it Forward as a way of introducing the members of our network to one another in a digestible and simple format – video chats with updates, advice, tips and tricks recorded and published via our YouTube channel. This past year we caught up with some of our most influential publishers for the latest from their end.

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Whether you’re an existing Webgains customer or considering joining, we recommend watching these short sessions to get a flavour of what these affiliates have to offer your company. From huge traffic driving cashback providers and voucher specialists to highly targeted niche offerings with incredibly loyal followings, our portfolio of affiliates can do it all. Thanks to Play it Forward, you can meet a few of them by watching the videos below.

News UK

Global Savings Group



Envolve Tech



Immediate Media

Bravo Voucher




Day Out With the Kids

Just Quiz


Blue Light Card

Student Beans

Bravo Savings Network

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