Webgains to lead Hertz’s European Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Hertz knows how to win – by working with the best, not the rest. And when it comes to affiliate marketing, the leading car rental company wants Webgains in its corner. Hertz understands the importance of consistency in global marketing strategies – which is why it has consolidated all European Affiliate Marketing* with Webgains.

So what does Hertz get from Webgains? It gets access to Webgains’ European Affiliate Marketing Network and proven expertise to develop new partnerships and opportunities outside the UK. It gets a performance coach – a team of more than one hundred staff all over the world with expert knowledge of key markets that will go the extra mile to help clients win.  And it gets a single partner fighting to create the best, the most consistent pan-European strategy.

Hertz’ Affiliate Marketing is all about reinforcing its pole position in car and van rental across Europe. And that means creating the best brand awareness and consistent marketing strategy when targeting European customers across multiple channels. With a global network of 250,000 publishers, including significant growth in social media influencers, Webgains offers Hertz the highest-performing affiliate marketing network. With an unbeatable track record when it comes to empowering our advertisers and publishing partners, we give Hertz new options for geographically based audience targeting that will Hertz can optimise its reach across diverse European markets.

Richard Dennys, Webgains CEO, comments, “The partnership between Hertz and Webgains is incredibly exciting – maximising our excellent European network to support Hertz in achieving their marketing and business objectives. Affiliate Marketing can deliver great results – with the right approach: the recent IAB and PwC report stating a return of £12.30 for every £1 spent. For Hertz, a company that knows how to win, the decision to consolidate all Affiliate Marketing across Europe with Webgains is a winning move and we can provide accurate, insightful and actionable analysis from our excellent network across Europe that will provide Hertz with excellent ROI.”

Matching brands with the best editorial and publishing partners is our game; Webgains’ technology and collaborative approach provides the perfect foundation to grow Hertz’s European offering, using supporting data to further understand customer interplay between multiple channels. Consolidating with Webgains will simplify the affiliate marketing structure and connect Hertz with the right customers, fast.

If you’re interested in bringing Hertz to your audience, join Hertz’ affiliate program now:

Commission increase options can be considered in return for extra exposure. Please get in touch with the Hertz team at Webgains to discuss at  hertz@webgains.com

* UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, BE, NL

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