How AffiliRed Integrated Their Systems to Take Full Advantage of Webgains Innovative API V3


One of the perks of living in a technologically advanced world is the significant reduction of manual and routine tasks, which in turn leaves us with free time for research and creativity. Connecting different platforms to eliminate repetitive and tedious work tasks, and eradicating human errors means saving a great deal of time and money, which can be reinvested in many other areas.

The performance marketing agency AffiliRed manages campaigns for more than 200 travel companies across the globe. To achieve the best results, AffiliRed had been entering information into the Webgains platform manually. However, AffiliRed had an in-house software management system that it wanted to plug directly into Webgains. This would save time and automate the process of its affiliate management, programme management and offers management.

The Goal

Create a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications, which access the features of the Webgains Platform for AffiliRed to fully integrate with their internal systems seamlessly.


AffiliRed was eager to jump on board and become the very first alpha and beta tester of Webgains API V3. The Webgains v3 API is a radical re-write and rationalisation of Webgains assets and forms the foundation of flexibility, which is how we leverage our position as Europe’s Largest Affiliate Network on our current tech roadmap.

Results, ROI, and future plans

Webgains was delighted that when we sent the initial specs over to AffiliRed, they had connected and had the endpoints working and authenticated in hours as a whole. The AffiliRed developers were instrumental in suggesting numerous ideas and improvements to our early alpha designs and the solution have clearly helped reduce massive manual work.

Read the full AffiliRed Case Study.

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