Our 2023 Impact Assessment Report is now available

Standing for more than just a network: Webgains is B Corp Certified

We’re extremely proud that, as of July 2023, Webgains has achieved B Corp certification. Leading the way in the performance marketing industry, ours is the first affiliate network to join the global B Corp Community. 

Our 2023 Impact Assessment Report is out now. Download it here.

What this means for Webgains

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What this means for you

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Globally aligned standards & values

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What this means for Webgains

Purpose priority

We prioritise & support purpose-driven clients & publishers.

Supplier values

Our supplier code of conduct is aligned with B Corp values.

ED & I

Our hi-performance team is led by values supporting diversity, creativity and equality.

Across all markets

Webgains’ global B Corp accreditation enables to consistently deliver this initiative across all markets.

The highest standards

B Corp certification validates that Webgains operates at the highest level of Governance including privacy and data security.

What this means for you

Partner with a network that meets your own standards

Benefits for purpose-led advertiser clients

Connect with purpose-led publishers to grow your sales

Purpose-led Advertisers we work with

Our B Impact Score

Webgains achieved a comprehensive score of 87.8, surpassing the median score of 50.9 typically obtained by regular businesses undergoing the assessment.

Purpose-led Publishers we work with

Globally aligned standards & values

Webgains is B Corp Certified internationally





“Whilst we’re delighted to have earned this certification after a huge amount of hard work from our teams, we recognise that this is only the beginning. We must use this platform to help other businesses – namely our clients, partners and suppliers – to do the same. Now we know what it takes, that is where our focus is now.”

– Ami Spencer | COO, Webgains

If you’re interested in joining our network or want to find out more about the B Corp movement, please email us at: hello@webgains.com.