Watch or listen to Thinking Forwards for engaging discussion, opinion and plenty of actionable advice, to help inform and form your future growth strategies in affiliate marketing.


During our first series, we cover a range of topics within the realm of affiliate marketing. Various members of the Webgains team are joined by special guests to discuss wide-ranging subjects from tracking (of course!) to purpose-driven business operation. 

Listeners and watchers of Thinking Forwards will benefit from engaging discussion, opinion and plenty of actionable advice, to help inform and form your future growth strategies in affiliate marketing.

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Episode one – We need to talk about tracking

‘It’s [tracking] often a topic which is discussed without the CTO in the room’. Well, that ends here!

Webgains COO Ami Spencer is joined by Webgains CTO Samuel Rodman to discuss the topic of tracking in the affiliate channel.

As the product and technology leader at Webgains, Sam is one of the most qualified people on the planet to talk about what has become an extremely hot topic in affiliate.

Episode two – Making purpose profitable

Host Ami Spencer, COO of Webgains, explores the intersection of purpose and profits with guests Samuel Rodman, Webgains CTO, and Richie Jones, Managing Director of D2C agency vvast.

The speakers discuss the broader impact of purpose-driven strategies, touching on areas like ethical advertising, reduction of carbon emissions, and sustainability efforts in the supply chain. They stress the importance of continual improvement and the value of B Corp as a framework for guiding business practices.

Episode three – Are you using your affiliate network properly?

Join Bryony, our Publisher Director, as she discusses the optimal utilisation of affiliate networks. Bryony is joined by Ashleigh and Mei, two Senior Account Managers at Webgains, with a wealth of knowledge in UK and international programs.

The episode kicks off with a focus on building a strong relationship with account managers. Ashleigh emphasises the importance of client brands sharing their company goals and aligning business objectives with the affiliate channel. Mei highlights the need for brands to define their goals before approaching a network.

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Episode four – Rising together: Why personal growth fuels our affiliate network

Our UK MD Alona Malinovska (host), our COO, Ami Spencer (panellist), and mentor and personal change expert, Deborah Southgate (panellist), lead a thought-provoking discussion on the dynamics of learning, leadership, and mentorship in the rapidly evolving affiliate landscape.

The episode begins with a reflection on the youthfulness of the affiliate industry and the unique challenges it presents. Ami and Deborah explore the absence of formalised education in the field, emphasising the industry’s reliance on on-the-job learning and the power of mentorship.

Episode five – Affiliate marketing: Room 101

Webgains International Marketing Manager Rob Atkinson is joined by Webgains COO Ami Spencer and UK MD Alona Malinovska to find out some of the experienced pair’s gripes with the current state of our industry.

For those not familiar with the Room 101 concept, it is a place where individuals share what they’d like to eliminate or banish from their lives forever. Looking at this idea from within the world of affiliate marketing, Ami and Alona opt for several things to go in, from overly complex contracts to non-transparent publishers. The most important thing, however, is that each decision comes with an idea or constructive solution to improve the channel.

Episode SIX – Affiliate Huddle & kevin edwards interview

Two members of Webgains’ International Marketing Team Rob Atkinson and Paul Southgate recently took our Thinking Forwards podcast to Affiliate Huddle in Brighton to record a special bonus episode.
The main segment of this episode – featured in this video – saw Rob interview the Affiliate and Partner Marketing Association (APMA) Director & Founder Kevin Edwards on the Brighton Dome stage.

As well our chat with Kevin, this episode features a diverse range of affiliate marketing professionals , each telling us what they would choose to lock away in our affiliate channel room 101. With both publisher, network, agency and advertiser perspectives represented, these soundbites give plenty of food for thought.

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