‘Thinking Forwards’ – a new Webgains podcast – out tomorrow

From 11am GMT tomorrow – Tuesday 20th February, 2024 – the first episode of our new podcast mini-series will be made available for streaming.

The five-part podcast – entitled ‘Thinking Forwards’ – will cover a range of topics within the realm of affiliate marketing. Various members of the Webgains team will be joined by special guests to discuss wide-ranging subjects from tracking (of course!) to purpose-driven business operation. 

“The most important thing when we were curating the content for Thinking Forwards, was to ensure it was all authentic and representative of what Webgains values as a company within the affiliate space.”

– Webgains UK Managing Director, Alona Malinovska

Listeners and watchers of Thinking Forwards will benefit from engaging discussion, opinion and plenty of actionable advice, to help inform and form their future growth strategies in affiliate marketing. 

The first episode of Thinking Forwards – ‘We Need to Talk About Tracking’ – will be available to stream with video on YouTube and also on Spotify from 11am GMT on Tuesday February 20th. Subsequent episodes will be published at the same time on a weekly basis with the series’ final episode live on Tuesday, March 19th.

‘We Need to Talk About Tracking’ is out 11am GMT 20.02.2024

“To say there’s a lot of chatter around tracking in the affiliate channel right now is somewhat of an understatement. It’s an undoubtedly important topic wherein networks like Webgains have a central role to play,” comments Webgains CTO Sam Rodman. 

Those who listen will learn that the reactions of many to a cookie-less future are somewhat excessive and Webgains is extremely prepared for this shift. There are things we need to do, yes, but there’s absolutely no need for anyone to panic,” concludes Rodman. 

Episodes following ‘We Need To Talk About Tracking’ will cover topics including personal growth, affiliate network optimisation for advertisers, business with purpose, and more.

Published episodes of Thinking Forwards will be available on YouTube and Spotify.

If you would like to discuss any topic featured in our podcast further or appear as a guest on a future episode, please get in touch with us here or via email – hello@webgains.com.