Thinking Forwards at Affiliate Huddle & Kevin Edwards Interview

As we reported in our previous blog, we took the Webgains Thinking Forwards podcast on the road last week as we recorded a special episode of at Affiliate Huddle in Brighton.

With the final edits now in our rear view, we’re pleased to say that this episode is now available to stream on Spotify, and via our Thinking Fowards Hub right here on

Walking in the footsteps of pop royalty, this episode’s main segment took us up on the main Brighton Dome stage where ABBA had, 50-years prior to the month, performed their Eurovision-winning entry, Mamma Mia! However, it was affiliate marketing royalty that we were more interested in on the day as we sat down for a tête-à-tête with the Affiliate & Partner Marketing Association Founder Kevin Edwards. Given his vast experience in our channel and newly established position as a key mouthpiece for our industry, Kevin was a brilliant guest for us to get on.

Aside from the time we spent with Kevin, we also caught up with numerous colleagues from both publisher and advertiser sides. An extension of our most recent podcast episode, we asked each of them what they would lock away in their affiliate marketing room 101. Aside from one theme that emerged, the responses were varied and interesting. We had everything from a rousing call to us to shift our mentality to better reflect how prominent our channel has become, to a telling off to affiliates that bid on brand terms. All in all, lots to unpack and lots for us all to work on. Of course, you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out who said what.

Although our previous episodes were all recorded on video in our shiny studio, this one is stripped down, audio only aside from the talk with Kevin, which we did manage to film. You can watch this full interview on YouTube or below.

Learn more about the APMA on their website –

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