Webgains Academy will provide the digital skills UK businesses desperately need 

The countdown is finally over and we are proud to officially announce the launch of our new Webgains Academy. 

It has been a long time in the planning and we are thrilled to have seen so many people attend the official launch party for the Academy, a celebration like no other 🙂 Check out the pictures from last night here.

The Webgains Academy is a major building block in bridging the digital skills gap in the UK economy. Getting to grips with the latest technology and digital tools is vital for any business in the modern world but it is clear this goal is not being met. 

We understand the importance of equipping the next generation of digital workers with the practical skills they need to get ahead in a technology focused world of work, and our academy will ensure employees can handle the fast paced, ever changing environment they work in. 

Tackling the UK’s digital skills gap 

The digital skills gap is a real risk to the UK economy, with a Digital Skills Crisis report published to the House of Commons Science and Technology committee suggesting 12.6m adults lack basic digital skills at a cost of £63bn a year to businesses. 

The report suggested that up to 50% of employers have a digital skills gap in their business. 

A separate study we commissioned in partnership with PerformanceIN found that 60% of performance marketers receive no employer training, highlighting that this problem is not being tackled efficiently, if at all.  

It is in the face of this challenge that we decided to launch our own academy, to ensure the digital workers of tomorrow are getting the training and skills they need to succeed in an ever changing and highly adaptable environment. 

Creating the tech savvy workforce of tomorrow 

We are thrilled with the reception we have had to the launch of the Webgains Academy and we look forward to moving forward in the coming weeks and months. 

Working in the technology sector ourselves we know the issues that businesses face, so the academy will be focused on giving employees the practical skills they need to succeed, not just overloading them with theory and information. 

Businesses urgently need workers who understand the practical elements of new technology and everyone taking part in the academy will benefit from a flexible and modern learning approach that mirrors the kind of environment they will find in the real world of work. 

We hope that everyone has enjoyed the official launch party and needless to say we are excited about getting down to the practical business of training the next generation of digital workers. 

Technology is only going to become more important for businesses in the future and we fully intend to ensure they, and their workers alike, have all the skills and knowledge they need to make the most of it.

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