Webgains launches first ever Account Director Accelerator Program

Press Release

London, UK, 9th March 2018: Today Webgains are delighted to launch our inaugural Account Director Accelerator Program.

In order to the keep at the very forefront of today’s fast-paced marketplace, we have curated a new, more relevant way to support mid- to senior-level career progression at Webgains.

Whilst there’s no substitute for experience there are always individuals who, with the right support, nurturing and empowerment have the potential to excel quicker.  No one’s career path is the same and the Accelerator Program has been created to develop the skills needed to step up to the next level.

Taking the ethos of a business start-up accelerator the Program involves an intensive 16-week program of skill development.

Alona Malinovska, Group Head of Client Services said “The aim of the Account Director Accelerator Program is to deliver best-in-market Account Directors for our clients. Not by traditional ‘time served wins’ and archaic training principles, but by offering candidates an exciting and rewarding way to participate and drive their career forward.”

Following a robust selection process the cohort chosen will participate in a 16-week Accelerator involving workshops, activities, educational components and sessions, all using Active Learning principles.

Mumtaz Khamker, Group Head of Client Strategy said “we wanted the program to reflect employee-led development, which meant that whilst we set the impeccable standard needed for an Account Director we don’t all learn the same way. Everyone on the cohort has different strengths and that’s why the modular system works. We can ensure that all candidates get the support, mentoring and training they need to do the job, but they can choose the areas of the development they need to focus more time on. In this way, the program offers much better flexibility and independence.”

Culminating in a demo day, the cohort will be taken through their paces throughout the Program, obtaining crucial skills in fields including Trusted Advisor theory, Commercial awareness, Business acumen, Affiliate strategy, Client success, Digital expertise and Leadership qualities.

Derek Freer, Managing Director UK said “The Account Director Accelerator Program allows our top talent to build on their skillset and sees Webgains lead the way in the industry as a true meritocratic employer. Those on the initiative will learn from the most experienced experts both internally and externally and gives our clients the knowledge that their affiliate program will receive the best strategic insight and execution in the market.”  

Richard Dennys, CEO said “We are an agile company and the way we offer promotion and training reflects this. The Account Director Accelerator Program aims to support our staff to develop their careers through a unique, first to market process. This is a whole company venture and the cohort will be privileged to have mentoring and workshops delivered by senior staff from around the business, as well as external experts and partners who we are delighted to have committed their time and expertise in support of this great initiative.”

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