Webgains – The Performance Coach Says ‘No Sweat’ with a New Academy Course

The new course comes as a celebration of what has been a very successful year for the business, and the new content has been developed to consider and incorporate some of the most interesting trends and topics that are already making an impact in digital marketing, but which are expected to come into their own in the new year. 

The course, titled ‘No Sweat’, consists of five modules, each aimed at understanding, at a basic level, what the concepts or technologies are that are emerging in the sector and how they will impact digital marketing in the months and years to come.

 The main component of the new course is the improvement of students’ understanding of new technologies impacting the affiliate and digital marketing sectors, along with established trends like attribution and considering how to spend and activity in different marketing channels impact acquisition and a greater customer lifetime value. 

 Students will also benefit from hearing from real business owners and two guest speakers, Lynn James, managing director and founder of Mrs Mummypenny, and Georgina Wilson-Powell, founder and editor of Pebble Magazine, will share their insights on leveraging online influence to monetise web traffic. 

 Artificial intelligence is going to be one of the main drivers of change across most sectors in 2018, and the affiliate marketing world is no different, so this will play a big part in Webgains’ latest academy course, exploring how AI is changing the way businesses work and explaining how the platforms can be used to create more efficient processes and open up better opportunities for digital marketers. 

 Students also gain an insight into how augmented and virtual reality technologies can be used to boost consumer experiences and how these platforms are no longer the plaything of the gaming and leisure industry, but a genuine commercial tool. 

 The final part of the new course delves into the world of Blockchain technology, which has become more high profile in recent months due to the rise in success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

 As a business with technology and pushing boundaries at our heart, we know that the world of technology is a constantly changing maze and that the ability to utilise new platforms and systems can mean life or death for businesses. 

 This new course delves into the biggest shifts in technology in digital marketing and ensures students have the skills, background knowledge and practical experience to make the most of the new tools available to them. 

 Speaking about the launch of the new course, our CEO Richard Dennys said: “We have experienced hundreds of sign-ups to the Webgains Academy in only three months since launch in September, and we are delighted to end the year by adding a new course that will inspire digital enthusiasts and challenge students to think about what will be the next big trends to watch out for in 2018.” 

 “Every module, from examining how artificial intelligence will improve the customer experience, to how VR and AR will challenge how businesses engage with consumers, to how Blockchain could disrupt our industry, will push students to think more about the work they are doing and we look forward to welcoming the first intake.” 

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