Webgains Academy Launch Party: Class is Now In Session

Class is now in session!

What better way to celebrate the launch of the Webgains Academy, than with a party? After months of planning and preparation, the Webgains Academy launch party is finally happening on Thursday 7th September at the new Webgains office in Farringdon. Don’t worry you’re all invited (well…the majority of you 🙂).

The Webgains Academy launch party will consist of several talks, both informative and motivational, including talks from Webgains’ CEO, Richard Dennys, and gold medalist Paralympian, Hollie Arnold.

The Webgains Academy launch party is set to be a night to remember, with booze, banter, and a bite to eat.

The birth of the Webgains Academy

Let’s return to where it all began…

The Webgains Academy started with a vision to educate and train the talent of today into target-hitting, technologically-savvy and high-performing superstars, ready to conquer any industry and bring success to any business. What started as a vision to empower and develop employees has now become a reality through the Webgains Academy.

By creating an inclusive, on-demand learning environment, the Webgains Academy seeks to develop and diversify the knowledge of not only Webgains’ employees but also employees from other businesses. With the aid of some of the most accomplished and brightest minds in the business, students will learn from the best to ultimately be the best!

In educating, challenging and engaging with employees, our mission is to equip employees with the knowledge, resilience and motivation that most businesses desire. Ditching formal training sessions and arguably tedious classroom-based activities, the Webgains Academy employs a modern, on demand “do and learn” approach to training. Focusing on the practical and not just the theory, the Webgains Academy swaps the chalkboards and outdated textbooks for iPads, eBooks, and real-world activities.

The Webgains Academy is not only committed to providing employees with the education they need, but also cultivating teamwork. After all, talent might win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships!

In the fast-moving, digital-first world, employees need to be up-to-date with the latest technology and services as clients increasingly demand solutions and support in real-time. It’s all about being able to provide clients with the knowledge and expertise they need on an ongoing basis – and having an on-demand learning environment facilitates that.

It’s a more flexible and modern approach to learning, allowing businesses to build their people first and foremost and then build their infrastructure and processes around that talent. It’s about supporting the growth of employees – who in turn, will support the business.

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