Webgains & Microsoft Bing join forces to power up Microsoft Bing Vouchers

Part of the main reason for advertisers to run CPA campaigns via an affiliate network such as Webgains is that we are relentlessly seeking out new & innovative opportunities to reach new audiences and affiliates around the world. Every day around 100 new affiliates apply to join the Webgains network, these range in size from single Facebook pages through to some of the world’s largest and most influential publishers.

The latest such opportunity could hardly be larger or more influential. From July 1st 2020, all of the advertisers running affiliate campaigns on Webgains that use voucher codes across the UK, French and/or German markets will have direct access to the Microsoft Bing Vouchers & Coupons search results box.

Webgains is the first affiliate network in the world to offer this direct relationship with Microsoft.

This means that Microsoft via its Microsoft Bing Voucher search tools has now joined the Webgains Network as a voucher affiliate and is available to run all codes, either exclusive or otherwise from any of our registered merchant advertisers in the UK, Germany and France.

Campaigns and voucher codes can be set up from today with the campaign flights from July 1st 2020 and all advertisers are able to participate, whether self- or agency managed or running through our own managed services teams.

For more information on this and anything else to do with setting up your voucher code campaigns on Microsoft Bing Vouchers search results, please contact your account manager as normal.

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Great to have Webgains COO Ami Spencer featuring on this podcast by @keepoptimising. Ami's episode 'How to Drive Full Price Sales' is out this Wednesday 14th April and is well worth a listen.

Check back here then as we'll publish the link once it's out.

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Keep Optimising Marketing Podcast @keepoptimising
In April, we’re focussing on #affiliatemarketing 📨
Over the month, we’re covering 👇
✅ Reviving an existing affiliate account
✅ Getting full price sales
✅ Finding the right affiliates
✅ Beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing
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April 27th, 28th & 29th , join us for ACCELERATE 2021: A series of digestible sessions imparting insight to help boost your e-commerce performance via the affiliate channel.

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In this month's Play it Forward, we are looking forwards to, Webgains Accelerate.

We spoke with some of our guest speakers on their sessions, their advice for SMEs and why they enjoy working at Webgains.


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