How Software companies benefit and perform in Affiliate Marketing: A Case Study

Software brands have a unique opportunity in the affiliate space. Without the restrictions that accompany more traditional advertisers, software brands can work with a wide range of partners that can see quick returns.  Also, with such strong competition in the software market. Many companies use affiliate marketing to differentiate and educate.  This case study will outline how software brands have leveraged the affiliate space to grow their overall digital campaigns and create more brand awareness and create higher conversions.

With the growing competition and many options for software, how does one company not only stand out but also display their competitive advantages?  New technology is readily available to consumers, and with the continually changing landscape and options, this is a costly and challenging task.  If a consumer identifies a need whether it is personal or for their business, they are going to shop around to determine the best options that fit that need.

Affiliate marketing empowers software brands. Partnering with critical publishers that promote their products to their target audience, highlighting features of the product and how those features can address the consumers direct needs.  By utilizing affiliate, you expand your brand awareness through partners that want to educate consumers and convert new clients.

 Software Brands and Content Publishers

Software brands new to the affiliate space seek publishers that can accurately represent their products features and benefits. Content sites provide the best source of education for the direct consumer and creating the brand identity aligning with the company’s vision.  With a wide range of content publishers in Webgains, Software advertisers can identify the proper publishers that best represent their brand and highlight the key benefits.

A success story from this strategy occurred when an established European Software brand launched a US program Webgains program in 2013.  A publishing and graphics brand in Europe focused on increasing a brand presence in the US.  However, they lacked the same brand recognition as their competitors, even though their platform had multiple advantages.  With a slim advertising budget to maintain their margins, they focused on a campaign with Webgains to highlight their strengths to blog and tech review sites.  They did this by reaching out to the content publishers within Webgains and offering a free subscription.  In return, they asked for a review or a comparison to other similar products they used.  This offer was picked up by two publishers in the network.  One publisher – a product review site, and the other – a tech blog.  Each publisher review produced over 1,000 new visitors to the site resulting in a sales increase in the US of over 25% for the fiscal year.

Software Brands and Coupon/Deals/Loyalty

Many publishers in affiliate marketing offer coupons and deals.  Hundreds of millions of unique visitors use these sites when shopping for their everyday needs. With today’s savvy shoppers everyone is looking for the best deal possible.  Products range from home good and fashion, to automotive and travel.  However, do software brands really benefit from these relationships?

While working with a software brand in 2017, a member of the Webgains account team suggested by partnering with coupons sites.  The company provided website solutions to small business.  This idea was dismissed since they did not want to diminish the brand by offering a discount and didn’t feel the need since this was not their target audience.  The account manager then produced a competitive analysis of the top four competitors in their market to determine the discounts offered, and where they were featured.  The results showed that all four competitors were utilizing coupons sites and offering extremely competitive discounts.  After reviewing the analysis, the Software brand determined that it was essential to compete in the coupon space.  The results from the coupon campaigns were incredible, not only did they see a 65% increase in traffic month over month, but they also saw a rise in conversion percentage 3% and AOV 5%.

Software Brands SEO and PPC

Competition on search engines is fierce.  With the top Software brands in the US bidding on key terms, it is difficult for many brands to have their site featured in top results.  This causes millions in lost revenue and opportunity.  In some cases, brands do not even focus on search at all.

A small software firm specialising in outsourced software engineers joined the Webgains network in 2014 without a search presence.  The client had dabbled in utilising Google but did not have the resources or funds to deepen their focus.  Webgains introduced them to a list of publishers within the network that focuses on search optimisation across all search engines.  After meeting with each publisher, they determined the best fit for their needs.  The publisher provided a PPC campaign and improved their SEO on a CPA model.  By setting up this partnership through Webgains, the client saw drastic results in their online sales while controlling costs.  The first year of the campaign they saw an increase in traffic to their site of 115% and an increase in sales of 85%.  A channel that was once too expensive became a crucial part of their digital marketing strategy.


With intense competition and a focus on the latest technology, the software industry is snowballing.  With the endless options the consumers face every day, it is essential to utilise an affiliate service that focuses on reaching your companies targets and goals.  With Webgains, we have a track record of providing outstanding service to our clients in the software industry while also supporting them with new strategies and opportunities.  The ability to utilise a strong network like Webgains accompanied with our account management expertise will help you reach your goals and beyond.

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