Advertiser Spotlight – Ecologi

Welcome to our Advertiser Spotlight. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi, I’m Ian Hambleton. One of the co-founders at Ecologi. I look after the scale up and growth part of the business.

Nice to meet you Ian, so could you tell us a bit more about Ecologi? And what are your business values?
Ecologi is a social enterprise. We set the business up back in 2019 as a group of individuals that were increasingly frustrated by the lack of action by governments and businesses to help fight climate change. We believe individuals can make a difference and through a small subscription each month, they can become climate positive. 

Through our subscription which ranges from £4 per month for individuals right up to £50 a month for some big families, you can entirely offset your carbon footprint and also plant trees each month creating a digital forest.

We also offer a gifting product, which has been incredibly successful in the run up to Christmas.

That all sounds great Ian, so what would you say are the biggest benefits for a publisher working with your company?
I think we’re a positive brand to work with, we’re doing good in the world. Trying to create real lasting impact on the planet and rewilding nature. I think for publishers that’s an incredibly powerful thing to support but at the same time we offer a really competitive commission.

What types of publishers would you say you work best with? And what can you tell us about your audience?
We offer both B2C and B2B products. The product is particularly mainstream, and our audience ranges across all different demographics and age ranges. Probably our key audience is a 20-50-year-old – 50/50 split male female ratio, possibly mainly aimed at working, reasonably well-off customers that have some disposable income and an environmental conscience.

Is there anything else you’d like our customers to know?

Just that supporting Ecologi is not just as great thing to do from a business point of view and via the commissions but also, you’re doing something truly valuable for the planet. We hold ourselves to extremely high standards and have a 100% open policy on transparency. You can find everything about how we run the company on the website.

So what makes Ecologi an exciting company?

We are making climate action simple and easy through clever tech solutions.

Does Ecologi have any exciting plans coming up in 2021?
Yes, we have a whole new range of products launching to follow on from gifting. More B2B products and also an eco-physical gifting range we’re looking at.

Finally, can you tell us one fun fact about your business?
You can find anything you want to know about our business via our About Page. All our finances, our ledger of climate impact, even our board meeting notes are published there. Nothing is hidden away.

Amazing, we will definitely take a look. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Ian.

To find out more and to join Ecologi’s Affiliate program go to –

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