Advertiser Spotlight – Move GB

Welcome to our Advertiser Spotlight! Could you please tell us a little bit about MoveGB?    

MoveGB is the UK’s leading fitness membership which gives access to 1000’s of activities and classes around the UK, all under one membership. From yoga, Zumba and virtual bootcamps to the more alternative workouts such as street dance, twerking, hula hoop and martial arts!

Our mission is to get the nation healthy and active for life – the secret lies in giving our members ultimate fitness variety and freedom of location to keep them motivated to stay on their fitness journey. MoveGB offers the largest range of fitness classes in the UK and they have thousands of live-streaming classes available so members can stay active at home with Move at Home.

“Our mission is to remove the barriers that prevent people from staying active. Being active should never feel like a chore, it is what we are designed to do and being active allows us to live a fun and productive life. We created MoveGB to provide the variety people need to have fun and stay active for life. We’ve become one of the fastest growing fitness movements in the UK and our aim is to continue to provide customers with the best activities and highest level of customer service to ensure they stay active for life.” – Alister Rollins, Founder & CEO

Transparency, trust, inclusivity and staying genuine – these are our core values which have created such an amazing, active community who support our mission and believe in the brand.


We love your core values, they sound great! So, what would you say are the biggest benefits for a publisher working with MoveGB?

The biggest benefits of working with MoveGB include a great customer offering, attractive financials on offer, plus we’re flexible and open to any ideas our publishers may have on promoting MoveGB.


Amazing, so following on from this, what types of publisher do you work best with?

We work best with publishers who have an audience who are interested in fitness and staying active or looking for experiences to try out! We also love to work with publishers who are very clear and transparent in their offers and have an excellent user journey for their customers.


Can you tell us about your audience?

Our audience is largely 25 – 55 years old who are physically active and love to mix up their fitness routines either across multiple venues and studios, or across a wide variety of activities.

We have a huge range of yoga and mind and body activities which are most popular with females aged 25-45. As we also offer many alternative fitness options, such as climbing, we tend to see male members aged 18 – 45 who work out 3-4 times at these venues.

However, our fitness enthusiasts who are active across a wide range of activities mostly identify as females aged 18-55 and are also super active as they workout 3-4 times a week.


 So, what makes Move GB an exciting company?    

MoveGB is one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK and have previously been ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50. We’re growing every single year and now have 250,000 registered users and over 6,000 fitness instructors, studios, leisure centres and other providers available on the platform.

We work fast and can quickly turnaround exciting developments, such as Move At Home – in the face of COVID-19, we launched our live-streaming platform within a week to ensure we provided support for our independent instructors during this difficult time, plus providing means for our members to continue their active lifestyles whilst staying at home.

We now have the largest collection of live-streamed classes in the UK which continue to include a huge variety of activities. From yoga and Pilates to boxing and virtual bootcamps, and from twerking and carnival dance to Burlexercise and calisthenics – the choice is vast!


We look forward to getting involved too! So, for 2020 does MoveGB have any exciting plans coming up?

We will be accelerating growth by investing in our tech product, plus opening new territories with our Move at Home live-streaming offerings. We are continuing to recruit lots of new interesting fitness providers to ensure we stay the number one choice for fitness variety.


This all sounds great and we can’t wait to see the at home live- streaming offerings. Finally, one more question, can you tell us one fun fact about your business?

We have a dog friendly office so have a constant rotation of furry friends who frequent the office! From our Head of Op’s pooch, Jake the giant, to our marketing exec’s adorable chihuahua, we’re an office of animal lovers! So, expect some barking if you have a call with us … 😉



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