Affiliate Discovery: Welcome to game-changing AI for every advertiser, every time.

With Webgains’ intelligent Machine Learning technology, Affiliate Discovery delivers smarter connections. Recommending your best affiliates, directly accessible and constantly updated, Affiliate Discovery gives you the edge every single time.

Auto receive your affiliate recommendations  

If you’re used to a manual, list-alike search for publishers where you spend hours digging to find a needle in a haystack then look no further. Webgains have the solution.

Affiliate Discovery completely transforms the discovery process by directly recommending the publishers who will grow your programs.

Our unique AI and ML technology will analyse over a hundred data points, between you and every single publisher, to select the ones working harder to find you customers.

Ranked by ‘your match’, your personal compatibility score, you can easily engage with the connections that will contribute fastest to your growth.

No ‘One Size Fits All’  

Affiliate Discovery constantly refines your programs taking into consideration what’s important for you, your market, your site, your products and how you talk to your customers.

We then look at the Affiliates, not simply the vertical and traffic, that’s the easy part.

We make recommendations for you, based on the Affiliate’s site quality, what they are talking about to their users and the performance data across the entire Webgains network. Protecting individual user and Affiliate details at all times.

What you get is a recommended set of Affiliates that we personally believe you should invite to your program. We gain when you gain, so we’re in this together.

With global reach and thousands of publishers across all verticals plus data you cannot access elsewhere, we deliver valuable, bespoke recommendations, every time.

New recommendations every time 

As you and our network grow new recommendations will arise to strengthen your program.

You update your products, your site, your prices, your offers. In turn, we update our recommendations for Affiliates. As our network grows and as your needs change.

Recruitment has never been this fast. Affiliate discovery has never been this smart.

Don’t wait to be part of the movement. The Webgains smarter connections revolution. Contact us now!

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