Content-Driven Connections At Scale With Affiliate Discovery

Diversify, yes, but how?

Working with a rich, varied and active set of affiliate connections is a key driver for sustainable growthYou are resilient to market trends, and can offer different products and promotions whilst widening your reach to a broader set of potential customersBut, who should you work with and how do you find and validate them?  

With Affiliate Discovery you will have confidence connecting with Affiliates that are literally talking your language and creating content to match and sell your products. 

Why Content is still king 

Globally, Webgains works with 250.000 affiliates; many tens of thousands of whom are creating fresh relevant content for their users every day. Affiliate Discovery monitors the key content that is being created, and constantly updates to ensure new content and new Affiliates, are constantly available to you

At the same time, Affiliate Discovery looks at the content of the logged in Advertiser, including the all-important product feed data. As an Advertiser with Webgains, you don’t need to do anything more than click on the Affiliate Discovery tab in the menu in your account, we’ve already done the hard work for you. 

We compare your product feed and your website content and deliver up a dynamic list of Affiliates who are creating the content, and attracting the users, to match the products and services you are selling.

There is no network, product or technology that gives you intelligenrecommendations, and at such a uniquely detailed and customisable level. 

Quickly find audience niches 

When you’re planning to run specific campaign, you can use our sorting and filtering tools to find exactly which Affiliates to partner with. 

Sort any column, by name, category, visits or the unique ‘Your Match’ scoring, then use the filters.

You can filter your recommendations by category to two levels, but it is the Common Publisher Content, where you can get into the detail.

Look through the drop-down at the cluster of keywords that the Affiliate is using and select the one that matches what you’re looking for. There’s a big difference between ‘Cameras, Smart Phones’ and ‘Camera, Photography’ and we have the technology in place to deliver the right results for you.

No matter your vertical or your value proposition, you will be able to refine topics that are designed for your business, and specifically your business. Thorough and effortlessly intelligent. That’s the experience you get with Affiliate Discovery, every time.

Smarter connections are happening now, and this is just the beginning.

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