3% - 5%
Cookie Period
up to 30 days
  • Conversion rate*: 0.44%

  • EPHC*: 10.51

  • Commission: 3% - 5%

  • Cookie Period: up to 30 days

Discover the Db UK Affiliate Programme

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Join the Db UK affiliate programme

What began as a small Norwegian company with a cheeky name has grown into a globally recognised brand, and it’s just the beginning.

Db offers a range of award winning designs to serve you in the streets, the sky and on the slopes... Read more


  • Commission Details 3% - 5%
  • Cookie Period up to 30 days
  • EPHC 10.51

Do you have what it takes?

Programme description

What began as a small Norwegian company with a cheeky name has grown into a globally recognised brand, and it’s just the beginning.

Db offers a range of award winning designs to serve you in the streets, the sky and on the slopes.

Need a backpack for a dusk-to-dawn photo shoot? A sturdy duffel for a weekend getaway? Luggage that looks good and gets your belongings there in one piece?

This is what smart travel gear looks like.

Commission between 3-20%. Incentives for new customers.

Ideal Db affiliate partners

True content sites
Sports sites
News sites
Shopping directories
Health and fitness sites

Db affiliate program signup process

Apply to the Db program on Webgains
Your application is reviewed
Once accepted, browse the extensive range of Db links and banners
Place links on your website, start sending traffic and generating sales

Benefits of the Db affiliate program

Earn up to 20% commission sales generated for the Db program.
Average order value £120
30 day cookie period – 7 days for voucher and cashback sites
Full range of category-specific affiliate banners
Automated product feed
Frequent affiliate communications regarding offers and new products
Gifts available for affiliate-run competitions and promotions

Consumer Offers

Free shipping on all orders
Occasional sale periods
Periodic consumer promotions such as free shipping vouchers

Paid Search Policy: Closed

The Db program has a closed PPC policy. Affiliates are not permitted to use or any other dbjourney or Douchebags URL as a display URL in any paid search listings.

Db do not allow affiliates to bid on any brand name or terms including any misspellings, variations or derivatives. Affiliates are not permitted to bid on phrases which include both brand terms and generic keywords.

Affiliates are not permitted to include any brand terms, misspellings, variations or derivatives in any search string or display URL on any pay per click search engines (including, but not limited to, Google AdWords, Google Content Network, Yahoo, Overture, Miva, Mirago, Bing, AOL search, 7Search etc.). Examples of prohibited terms include but are not limited to:

DB Journey
DB Journeystore
DB Journey-store
DB Journey store
DB Journey bags
DB Journey+
DB Journey +

The use of any of the above search terms as either a keyword or in the display URL of any PPC advert is prohibited.

To ensure that you do not appear for any search strings that include the Db brand name, please make sure the following terms are negatively matched in all PPC campaigns:

DB Journey
DB Journeystore
DB Journey+

Db trademarks must not be used as a subdomain or subfolder on any display URL in paid search listings. For example:

Anyone found infringing these terms will be contacted by the Db Affiliate Team. Affiliates found to be breaching the program terms and conditions may have their commissions declined and will face suspension from the program. In extreme circumstances Db reserves the right to immediately suspend any affiliates found breaching these terms and conditions and declining any commissions accrued from the activity.

Please note: In the case that a user changes country to transact, commission will be recorded on the original network that had referred the user, e.g. if a user visits via a DB Journey UK tracking link, and transacts on the DE site, Webgains UK will record the sale.

Db will only attribute sales when the user transacts on the following Db territories:

1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Bulgaria
4. Canada
5. Croatia
6. Cyprus
7. Czech Republic
8. Denmark
9. Estonia
10. Finland
11. France
12. Germany
13. Gibraltar
14. Greece
15. Hungary
16. Ireland
17. Italy
18. Latvia
19. Lithuania
20. Luxembourg
21. Netherlands
22. Norway
23. Poland
24. Portugal
25. Romania
26. Slovakia
27. Slovenia
28. Spain
29. Sweden
30. Switzerland
31. United Kingdom
32. United States

Are you a good fit?

What Tools will be available to you?

  • Voucher codes: 2
  • Datafeed: Yes
  • Multiple datafeeds: Yes
  • Total products: 107
  • Deeplinks: Allowed
  • Banners: 17
  • Text Links: 0
  • Email Templates: 0
  • HTML links: 0

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