3GBP, 5%
Cookie Period
up to 30 days
  • Conversion rate*: 0.90%

  • EPHC*: 9.22

  • Commission: 3GBP, 5%

  • Cookie Period: up to 30 days

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About Hertz Car and Van rental
One of the most recognised travel brands, Hertz is the world’s largest and longest established car and van rental company.
Truly global presence with locations at all major airports and cities; average fleet of 500,000+ cars in 10,000+ locations and over 150 countries... Read more


  • Commission Details 3GBP, 5%
  • Cookie Period up to 30 days
  • EPHC 9.22

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Programme description

About Hertz Car and Van rental
One of the most recognised travel brands, Hertz is the world’s largest and longest established car and van rental company.
Truly global presence with locations at all major airports and cities; average fleet of 500,000+ cars in 10,000+ locations and over 150 countries.
Impressive range of vehicle types for all occasions, including our ‘Collections’ (Fun, Green, Family, and Prestige).
Premium brand, quality vehicles, award-winning customer service and leaders in loyalty – this is important to know that customers can trust your recommendation.
Best Hertz Rate Guarantee; the best Hertz rates are always on Hertz websites and are inclusive of insurances, taxes and unlimited mileage.
Also of interest to affiliate partners, Hertz is currently undergoing a digital and technological transformation to continue our legacy of innovation. Recently the new web pages for vans delivered a much better experience for customers and in turn affiliates:

✔ Conversion rate has doubled
✔ Simple layout so easy to make a booking
✔ Dedicated area to vans; the fleet, locations and product information are all cleaner and specific to vans
✔ Deeper info for customers about vans  – dimensions, payload capacity, etc
✔ Informs customers of Extras which are available at counter

Programme basics
The standard commission rates are as follows but affiliates may benefit from promotional or bespoke rates:

5% of booking value – Prepay bookings

£3 flat fee – Pay on arrival bookings

Hertz pay commission on all valid car and van bookings. Customers have the choice to pay online at the time of booking (typically cheaper) or on arrival at the counter, for this reason there are different commission rates to reflect cancellations and no-shows.
Hertz validate bookings monthly with a 60 day lag, additional checks are made to ensure quality.
Commission is paid on the full booking value, including VAT and ancillaries.
Banners are available in gif/jpeg format as standard and HTML5 may be available. Every effort is made to cover the main product areas and fit the broader seasonal branding.
Affiliates are asked to avoid hard-coding creative so that the network can update these automatically. Affiliates are obliged to update or remove content upon request.
Offers are communicated via the network; besides the key global sale periods there are more frequent offers often linked to specific destinations. Affiliates should only promote offers that have been communicated or approved by the network. Hertz discounts are redeemed via a ‘CDP’ code so this and all relevant terms should be made clear.
Hertz have an API but access will be restricted to special cases due to the technical nature of this integration and thus specialist support required.
Hertz operates a 30 day recurring cookie.
Mobile conversions on our responsive site will be tracked as normal, currently there is no tracking on the app but this is a minimal fraction.
Hertz de-dupes across other marketing channels on a last click basis; currently across Affiliates, Paid Search and Display according to the standard cookie hierarchy.
Cross-tracking is in place, e.g. in case affiliates send customers to the UK website but they convert on another (n.b. affiliate activity relates to UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, NL, BE only).
Hertz have their own internal redirect known as a ‘hertzlink’, the structure can be quite complicated so affiliates are encouraged to use the default links provided or ask the network for specific landing pages. Third party tracking and analytics are in place so this should also ensure everything stays intact.
Commissions are validated on a 60 day cycle in order to remove cancellations or illegitimate bookings.
Contract/ Corporate Rates (CR) reservations are not commissionable, these customers are mandated to rent with Hertz at specially agreed rates.
Tour Operator/Travel Agent reservations are not commissionable through the affiliate channel as other commercial agreements are in place.
Hertz 24/7, Rent2Buy, 28+ Plan and Business Solutions products are not included. Please enquire with the network before promoting a specific product that is outside standard car and van hire.
Publisher rules:
The Paid Search policy applies to all affiliates unless explicit permission has been granted – please check with agency if you are unsure otherwise you risk declined commissions and removal from the programme.
No direct linking
No mention of Hertz in the domain
No bidding on branded keywords or mis-spells (e.g. Hertz, herts, hert’s) – affiliates are instructed to add these as negative matches
Cashback/reward sites are expected to have the necessary measures in place to ensure quality and avoid abuse, partners may be removed if this is not the case.
Voucher sites must comply with IAB guidelines and only promote offers approved and communicated by the affiliate network.
Sub-networks are expected to be transparent over referrals and traffic sources, partners may be removed if this is not the case.
Price comparison sites must adhere to the CMA standards. API access is complicated and restricted.
Social media activity must make it clear that any advertising is by a partner and not posting on behalf of Hertz.
Email partners should ask the network about creative and must seek approval before broadcasting.
All affiliates must be transparent in how they are driving traffic and Hertz reserves right to, in agreement with the network, review any commissions and partnerships.
Social Content

In accordance with the ASA, if you wish to use affiliate links within your social channels/Instagram stories and blogs, you will need to use #ad as an identifier of content that has a commercial agreement attached to it (this includes the use of affiliate links).

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  • Deeplinks: Allowed
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