COMMISSION 5% - 7.50%
  • Conversion rate*: 0.09%

  • EPHC*: 2.86

  • Commission: 5% - 7.50%

  • Cookie Period: up to 30 days

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Who we are? Hismith is one of the world's leading designer brands for sex machines and relative dildos and accessories. Our sex machines and accessories are made of high quality and at affordable prices so will be the most competitive sex machines in the world. Why join the hismith affiliate program? Site is easy to navigate and users tend to make very high,


  • Commission Details 5% - 7.50%
  • Cookie Period up to 30 days
  • EPHC 2.86

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Programme description

Who we are?
Hismith is one of the world’s leading designer brands for sex machines and relative dildos and accessories. Our sex machines and accessories are made of high quality and at affordable prices so will be the most competitive sex machines in the world.
Why join the hismith affiliate program?
Site is easy to navigate and users tend to make very high, multiple item purchases. We have a very high order value, which stands at just over £350 through the affiliate channel. We also offer free delivery.
Our affiliates receive:
– A generous commission structure and 30 day cookie (1-9 Sales: 5% / 10-49 Sales: 6% / from 50 Sales: 7.5%)- Industry standard banners- Exclusive coupons- Regularly updated datafeed- Regular affiliate newsletters with tips, news and all the latest offers- Dedicated affiliate manager – We’re here to help, so if you need anything please just give us a shout!
Hismith affiliate program terms & conditions
Hismith reserve the right to refuse affiliates with the following types of sites:
– Overly pornographic- Sites that encourage violence, discrimination, terrorism, drug use, harassment, or other illegal activities- Use of spyware or phishing techniques or motivated by fraudulent and dishonest practises- A competitor or rival company
By joining the Hismith affiliate program, affiliates agree to promote Hismith in an honest, fair manner, using up to date information (as provided by Hismith through our regular affiliate communications) with the intention of giving visitors a positive experience.
Hismith may de-dupe against other marketing channels, including PPC, at any time
Social Content: In accordance with the ASA, if you wish to use affiliate links within your social channels and Instagram stories, you will need to use #ad as an identifier of content that has a commercial agreement attached to it.
Discounts, Offers and Promotions
Affiliates must append the deeplink onto the tracking links where you are displaying an authorised vouchercode. This is so that the customer’s voucher is applied to the basket.
Affiliates may only promote voucher codes that have been notified to them by the Hismith affiliate manager or through Webgains. We may from time to time issue voucher codes exclusively for the use of individual affiliates. Affiliates may not promote an exclusive voucher code that has been issued to another affiliate. We will reverse any commissions attributed to the unauthorised usage of such voucher codes.
Any discounts, offers and promotions should show available expiry dates to ensure customers clearly understand the duration of the promotion. Affiliates are not permitted to promote offers that are not explicitly issued as part of the Hismith affiliate program – such as (but not exclusive of) offers Hismith have made with partnering companies, offline promotional activities, or in-house, non-affiliate marketing activity such as promotions included with orders, and customer newsletters and emails. Affiliates found breaking these terms will not receive payment for any sales that arise from this breach and could be removed from the program.
Commission will not be paid on transactions where Unidays student discount has been applied, as Unidays is outside the affiliate channel.
Product Reviews
If you are given a product to review by Hismith please ensure you include within your review at least one direct (non-affiliate tracking) link to either the Hismith product page or to the category page (i.e. Rabbit Vibrators, Vibrating Love Eggs, etc). For all other requirements for product reviews, please refer to your contact at Hismith or contact the Hismith affiliate manager directly.
Domain Restrictions
Affiliates may not make use of the Hismith brand name (including any variations, misspells or derivatives) in any domain names they register. You may include brand terms within the subfolder, so for example is allowed. Affiliates are asked not to register any domain names that are similar, or confusingly similar, nor have the specific, or accidental intentions or consequences of leading visitors to think they are being directed to Hismith.
Other Restrictions
– Affiliates may not put the Hismith website into frames or use masked URLs to promote Hismith- Direct forwarding to the Hismith website is not allowed.- Affiliates may not use Pay per View/Cost per View marketing as the use of pop ups and pop unders to promote Hismith is not allowed.- Affiliates may not alter any of the available creative without the permission of Hismith. If hosting creative on their own servers, affiliates must ensure that such creative is kept up to date.
PPC Restrictions
Hismith has an extensive in-house PPC program. We do not want affiliates to compete with our own campaigns or drive up costs:
– PPC bidding on the Hismith brand name or trademarks (including any variations or misspells such as Love Honey, or Lvoehoney, etc) is not allowed.- Please do not bid on “brand + generic” keywords, such as “Hismith offers”, “Hismith voucher codes”, “Hismith lingerie”, etc.- Use of the Hismith URL as your display URL is not allowed.
If you have any questions regarding our PPC policy, please contact for clarification. Please note we will reverse commissions and reject any affiliates found breaking our PPC Restrictions and indeed any of our other restrictions Commission can also be withheld or cancelled for affiliates that do not provide any visibility of how they are driving traffic.

Are you a good fit?

PPC Policy Overview : closed
Marketing channels for the Hismith programme are:

  • Browser extension
  • Cashback site
  • Community forum
  • Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)
  • Competition/Freebie site
  • Content site
  • Display
  • Editorial content
  • Employee benefits
  • Incentive/loyalty site
  • Influencer/Blog
  • Influencer/Social media
  • Lead generation
  • Newsletter
  • Onsite/technology partner
  • Price comparison site
  • Remarketing
  • Retargeting
  • Rewards
  • SEO
  • Shopping directory
  • Social commerce
  • Subnetwork
  • Toolbars
  • PPC to advertiser site
  • Discount/Voucher site
  • PPC to own site

What Tools will be available to you?

  • Datafeed: Yes
  • Total products: 21
  • Deeplinks: Allowed
  • Banners: 21
  • Text Links: 0
  • Email Templates: 0
  • HTML links: 0

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