Get your business ready for the Generation Z revolution

96% of Generation Z own a smartphone! A staggering statistic, but an example of how technology has been ingrained into the core characteristics our future workforce.

Born into a world of constant updates and instantaneous access to information, Generation Z has had to adapt to processing and filtering a lot information. This makes them great multi-taskers – but prone to suffering from a low attention span.

Now, where was I. Oh yes!

The good news for businesses is that Generation Z employees are entrepreneurially inclined and will pursue more efficient avenues of progression to start new ventures. So what can you do now to prepare your business to harness these skills and attract the talent of the future

Life goals, satisfaction and fulfilment

Generation Z employees are looking for fun, sociable environments to work in. They want training, personal development, fulfilment and sustainability. The size of their paycheck is not their number one priority.

Leadership, teamwork and collaboration is key to their job fulfilment – preferring a more hands-on approach to learning, development and job responsibility. So, with this in mind, you should be creating an inclusive learning environment, which appeals to the values and expectations of future generations.

To help you get ready, here are a few key pointers to keep in mind when looking to attract the next generation of talent:

  • Provide mentoring and job shadowing opportunities

Like the drinking habits of their predecessors, Generation Z is thirsty to learn on a regular basis. To quench this thirst, have regular review meetings (rather than annual reviews), providing employees with regular feedback to guide and develop their learning.

  • Give them the right tools to drive productivity

Generation Z’s natural aptitude for technology and their ability to transition between different devices makes them highly efficient multitaskers – an excellent skill for any modern business. Therefore, ensure you have access the latest technology, including software and hardware, to enable things to get done quickly and effectively.

  • Career progression and opportunities are key drivers

Generation Z can be billed as the next pioneers, with a strong desire to progress, develop or to start a business at some point. Build your business around career development and do not be prepared to ‘settle’. Push your workforce to continue moving upwards.

  • Old school communication is effective

It may come as a surprise, but Generation Z prefer face-to-face communication with their colleagues and managers, so don’t hide behind email or instant messaging. Use ‘old school’ communication like ‘having a conversation’.

Generation Z not only have an incredible desire to thrive and succeed, but also a clear understanding of their career trajectory and how to go about achieving it.

For businesses looking to attract Generation Z talent, the above points will serve as starting points to making the working environment more attractive. Transforming the business’ structure to accommodate future generations, as well as retain current employees, is nothing new, however, the rate of change is increasing and those that don’t become flexible run the risk of losing out to their more agile competitors.