Key Dates to include in your Spring affiliate marketing calendar

As we leave behind the busy period of Q4, the marketing calendar shows no signs of slowing down. We are now entering a time that is chock-full of key dates for promotional activity.

Many of our advertisers see a spike in sales during key dates in the calendar such as, Mother’s Day, Earth Day and Easter. We have earmarked some of the upcoming dates and holidays to get you ready for the season ahead. Below are a few examples of the advertisers that we think would be great to work with at this opportunistic time of year.

World Book Day

Thursday 3rd March
Discover The Works affiliate programme
The Works

A high street staple, The Works discount retail store is renowned for its endless supply of art materials, stationery, audio visual products and books.

Hive first launched in 2011, with the aim to support independent bookshops whilst bringing them to the customer’s screen, offering knowledge at their fingertips without having to leave the home.

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Discover the Stanfords affiliate programme

Established in 1853, this leading specialist retailer is perfect for the inspiring intrepid explorer and those who take a keen interest in travel but from the comfort of their home. Stanford retails an array of maps, travel books and travel accessories offering over 80,000 products in this vertical.

International Women’s Day

Tuesday 8th March
Discover the Sungzy affiliate programme

Equal measures entertaining and loveable, Snugzy produces mini-me dolls turning friends, family or yourself into endearing plushies for you to cuddle and cherish. As well as providing a personalised service, Snugzy also offers 500 characters to choose from, including fully licensed options such as WWE, Friends, Premier League Football and DC Comics – there’s a plush for everyone.

The Gift Experience has become a top web retailer for personalised and special gifts. From bespoke personalised gifts ranging from interiors, accessories and clothing to a vast array of experiential gifts. The breadth of The Gift will be sure to be a great fit for International Women’s Day.

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St Patrick’s Day

Thursday 17th March
Discover the Lotto Social affiliate programme
Lotto Social

For those feeling lucky on St. Patrick’s Day, Lotto Social is posed to capitalise on the UK lottery market with over 70% of the UK population playing the lottery at least once a month.  

Gym + Coffee

Created in Ireland in 2017, Gym + Coffee design high quality athleisurewear to a community of people who are social and active. Support Ireland’s fast-growing brand this St. Patrick’s Day.

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World Sleep Day

Friday 18th March
Sleepy People

A much-loved high street retailer offering the best in silver, gold and diamonds from iconic jewellery brands without having to compromise on price.

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Discover the REM-Fit affiliate programme

REM-Fit puts energy, rest and recovery at the fore utilising insightful data to create products that provide a better night’s sleep. Known for their award-winning mattresses, Rem-fit also stock protectors and pillows.


Using scientific data and technological innovations, Tempur use NASA developed pressure absorbing material to help deliver the best night’s sleep.

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Mother’s Day

Sunday 27th March
Discover the Jon Richard affiliate programme
Jon Richard

Jon Richard is a jewellery retailer whose designs seek inspiration across the globe from fashion capitols such as New York, Paris and Milan to the far East. Jon Richard brings quality to the high street at affordable prices.

H Samuel

A much-loved high street retailer offering the best in silver, gold and diamonds from iconic jewellery brands without having to compromise on price.

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Discover the Virgin Balloon Flights affiliate programme
Virgin Balloon Flights

Virgin Balloon Flights is the perfect experiential gift for Mother’s Day. Shoppers can treat their mother’s or caregivers to a First Class Virgin service, capturing the essence of an aviation bygone era whilst taking in the breath-taking views.

Easter Sunday

Sunday 17th April
Green & Black’s

Leading organic chocolate brand, Green & Black’s is perfect for a day where we can indulge in some sweet treats. Not only do they supply luxury organic chocolate eggs and products but they also have a ‘Make Your Own Hamper’ section, where customers can select their own hamper contents and send a unique personal gift.

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Discover the Cadbury Gifts Direct affiliate programme
Cadbury Gifts Direct

A brand that needs no introduction, Cadbury Gifts Direct is the perfect advertiser of choice for Mother’s Day. Their wide range of Cadbury products and services ensures that there is plenty of scope when it comes to customer’s choosing the perfect gift for their loved one. From personalised hampers to ‘pick and mix’ sections, the confectionary retailer is sure to deliver a high basket value at peak times.


Montezuma’s Chocolates specialise in producing mouth-watering chocolate products using fantastic quality ingredients with an esteemed organic and fair trade status. Monetezuma’s Chocolates are using business as a force for good from the ground up. A perfect choice to add to your affiliate network leading up to Mother’s Day.

Discover the Monetezuma affiliate programme

Earth Day

Friday 22nd April
Discover the Ecovibe affiliate programme

Ecovibe’s mission is to provide Britain with eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainably sourced alternatives to reduce plastic waste. Their offering includes plastic-free beauty products, cleaning and household essentials, as well as zero waste items. A perfect match for Earth Day activity and empowering consumers to vote with their wallet.


As featured on Forbes, The Guardian and the London Evening Standard, Ecologi is a subscription service that aims to reduce carbon footprint. Ecologi tackles the climate crisis through planting trees and investing money into projects to reduce and remove greenhouse gasses. For as little as £1.25 per week, customers can contribute to this movement by reducing their own carbon footprint and plant their own forest.

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