Last minute Christmas Campaigns

It’s the final countdown!

We’re fast approaching 2020, but before taking the time to reflect on 2019, we wanted to share our hints & tips for making the most of the final few shopping days before Christmas.

Reviewing data from UK Decembers past (2017, 2018), the period between 20th – 25th reveals diminishing sales, as advertiser delivery date deadlines begin to cut off. However, this represents a significant opportunity for those with ‘Next Day’ or ‘e-Gift’ offers, which set them apart from the competition. Many content and voucher publishers highlight last minute gifting ideas to their audiences over these days, so it’s always worth flagging this option if your brand can facilitate deliveries over this period.

As is traditional, Boxing Day sees a spike in sales, however in 2017, the 28th was the highest revenue driving date in December, and in 2018 it was the 27th. So, don’t panic if you’ve missed out on placements on the 26th – look out for newsletters, articles and posts scheduled later in the month.

Our analysis shows another peak in sales on 2nd and 3rd of January, so if you already have your content plan for Q1, it’s definitely worth communicating this to your affiliates ahead of New Years Day, to ensure you don’t bypass this chance to further uplift sales.

In terms of top trending advertisers, Webgains UK tracked uplifts in sales over the Christmas/New Years’ period in 2017 and 2018 for Electronics, Outdoor & Fashion retailers – with Electronics in particular showing there is still high demand in this sector, even after Black Friday Week.

Speaking of Black Friday, Webgains recorded strong YoY growth driven by CSS, Technology  and Content affiliates, which we expect to continue until the end of 2019, based on early December performance.

Overall, our historical analysis shows there can be real rewards between Christmas and New Year, so if you’re looking to maximise results over this period, please reach out to your Webgains contacts for support in securing the best exposure.

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