Meet the Team: Ami Spencer, International Publisher Relations

We caught up with Ami Spencer to get the low down on her experience of working at Webgains this year.

Ami, what is your current role at Webgains?

I joined Webgains in March this year as Director of International Publisher Relations (yes, as job titles go it’s pretty wordy…). Based at our UK HQ in Farringdon, I lead the global publisher team, ensuring Webgains has the deepest, most trusted affiliate and influencer relationships in the industry. Offering support to new to market affiliates, we are constantly reviewing how we optimise and grow our relationships so that ultimately they can start to earn revenue from the clients we manage.

How did you get into digital marketing?

I’m sure it’s no surprise, but like many others, I “fell” into my first role within performance marketing. Starting my affiliate career at a voucher site, Vouchercloud, I was certainly no expert at that point. I knew very little about the industry, what was in store for me, or that it would shape the next 7 years of my career so heavily. I quickly rose through the ranks at the company, starting as an Account Manager to finally head up Client Services.

What has been your experience of working at Webgains so far?

I really do feel like I’m on a journey with the company, and it’s been a very rewarding 8+ months. Since joining in March this year, we have re-branded, developed a new platform and launched the Webgains Academy. I feel this was only achievable due to having such a forward-thinking and supportive CEO, as well as the fantastic team behind the scenes. As you had probably gathered, there’s been a lot of change and I like that, it’s a very fast-paced environment.

What does a typical day look like?

There really is no typical day. My role brings new challenges every day as well as the opportunity to be creative and explore innovative ideas. Developing an international affiliate strategy means I need to keep up to date with affiliates and digital news across multiple markets. I get to work with a brilliant, diverse team from many different countries which means ideas can be shared globally. And it doesn’t stop there. Having an international role also means a fair amount of work travel (which can have it’s pros and cons!), Webgains has 6 offices across the globe so that certainly keeps me busy.

What top tips would you’d suggest to affiliates to help them through Black Friday?

There’s a lot of guides and articles already written on this (check out our blog for starters) but for me, it comes down to a few key things. Firstly, and probably most importantly, don’t fall over. Make sure your site can handle traffic volumes and you have minimal downtime on the day. Most of the planning will have been done in the previous months and weeks so take time on the day to optimise your campaigns and check affiliate links. And finally, stay calm which is easier said than done on the UK’s largest shopping day of the year!

What’s the most exciting thing happening at Webgains in 2018?

Well, there’s been a lot (!) happening this year, and 2018 shows no signs of slowing down. As we build and grow the publisher team, I’m excited to welcome new starters. Our plans to expand into new markets as well as oversee growth in existing will require new hires, new processes and a lot of energy. We will be releasing more updates to our product and I’m looking forward to seeing the impact this has on the way we can work with our partners.

Last word: a recommendation, an idea, a quote?

I have to go with a saying Webgains has adopted and embraced … ‘It’s not about just doing a few big things but the aggregation of marginal gains that will give you the edge.’

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