Meet The Team – Annwen Bristow

Our Meet the Team Interviewee this week is our new Senior Business Development Manager, Annwen Bristow!

Hi Annie, welcome to our Meet the team interview. Our first question for you is, how do you prefer to start your day?The first thing that comes to mind here is coffee – and a lot of it!


Of course, we do love our Coffee here! So tell us how would you describe your day job to a child?I try to help people that want to buy things and find the best, easiest and cheapest way to find things that they love.


A great answer, so what would you say is your go-to productivity trick?I would love to say coffee here again, but ultimately it is understanding our clients requirements and the inherent urgency of them, which means that you really need to get the job done. There is definitely an element of reward to ones role when clients are happy. 


So Annie, what is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?Personally it has to be moving to the UK from South Africa, as I had just finished University and wanted to experience the world. I knew no one in the UK and 14 years on I’m still here, that has to mean something?


It certainly does Annie, so can you tell us what has been your experience of working at Webgains so far?So far it has been really exciting, I have been to the Bristol office and also headed up to Manchester too, so it’s still very much in the beginning stages for me so watch this space!


If you could switch your day job with anyone, who would it be? I would probably say Charlize Theron, as she is still South African but a Hollywood star living in LA who gets to travel the world – pretty exciting!


Great Choice, so what led you to this career? I was lucky enough to get into a Graduate Scheme when I first moved over to the UK which placed me into my first IT sales role, and I have remained in this industry ever since!


Do you have a hidden talent? If so what is it?My biggest hobby is actually horse riding, so hopefully I am talented at it too.


And finally Annie, can you tell us one thing that surprised you about working at Webgains?So far I have found everyone extremely friendly and helpful, and I feel as though I have been here a lot longer than I have – so here’s to a long career at Webgains.



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