Meet The Team – James Cullen

Meet James, our Senior Business Development Manager, here at Webgains. He has worked in many areas of online advertising for companies such as Trustpilot and Yelp before joining us at Webgains in Feb 2018. James has brought on many advertisers and has been responsible for sales training and support throughout the growth of the UK team over the last two years.

Hi James, welcome to our Meet the Team Interview. First question, how do you like to start your working day? Get up, walk the dog, coffee, workout and then more coffee!!!


A very active start, so can you tell us what do you do at Webgains and in what circumstances would I come to you for something? I work in the Business Development team, and I am responsible mainly for creating new business opportunities with merchants here in the UK and across the globe. You would come to me internally for sales support or advice on a proposal perhaps. Or on how to approach a particular sales opportunity or externally you would reach out to the team and me to discuss working with Webgains and the logistics of getting that done from enquiry to a contract won and a partnership live.  


Thanks, James, so who would you say has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work? A former Director and Mentor of mine called Kim O’Hara – she channelled a very energetic and chaotic young salesman into a professional with a passion for sales and success, and of course, the rewards that come with it.


What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? The coolest thing in sales is finding and pitching a new brand everyone wants to work with, as all salespeople know you never say what you are working on until it is closed 😊


What’s a mistake you made early on in your career, and what did you learn from it? I was always so keen to be the top salesperson and the number one records for each target. I didn’t always think about my approach. I think at times I could be perceived as rude or too keen to close a deal and move on. I could become frustrated by anyone who didn’t want to buy whatever I was selling there and then. Now I have learnt in the last five years to be more consultative and logical towards each opportunity, to build rapport and to maintain long-standing relationships even between different roles and companies.


What has been your experience of working at Webgains so far? It’s been kind of crazy to be fair, in two and a half years – I have had a few managers come and go and seen a lot of changes, but I have always been treated well by my team and the Senior management. I have seen great success for myself and the UK office and been a part of some great projects and changes. There is never a standstill moment in sales, and especially in the e-commerce space, it is always changing.


It certainly is, so what keeps you energised at work? To be honest pitching, closing, and helping new clients come on board at Webgains. I also do love to see the team winning some great partnerships and watching the client success grow because of our/my advice and expertise on all service levels.


What’s one thing that surprised you about working at Webgains? The fact they do care about their staff a lot more than you would see on the outside. We are given a lot of support personally and for development in our role and our mental health, and I think that is so important. But it shocked me how hands-on the approach has been from day one and how flexible the company can be to help individual situations.


Thanks, James, and finally one last question, what’s your secret talent? I am a reasonably good chef and depending on who you ask a talented boxer.

Very interesting, and definitely will be coming to you for some cooking & boxing tips then! Thanks, James!

If you’re an advertiser & would like to get in touch with James & our Sales team contact them at –

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