Partner Spotlight: companiions

Regular readers of our blog will be familiar with Webgains’ Spotlight series focused on individual Advertisers or Publishers operating on the Webgains Affiliate Network. For the first time, this article expands the format to a Partner of ours, employee benefits provider companiions.

Before we get into the Q&A, we’ll start with a conversation we had with companiions Founder Lisa Robinson at October’s PI LIVE Europe event in London. In the below video Lisa had just come off stage where she had featured in a panel we hosted around empowering the next generation of female leaders. We continued discussion around this topic within the context of how companiions can support businesses and female employees flourish and develop into senior roles.

Hi Lisa! Welcome to the Webgains Partner Spotlight. To begin, could you please tell us what do companiions do?

companiions partners with organisations to tackle workforce challenges, such as absenteeism, retention, attrition and DE&I. Through the companiions app, employees gain access to in-person, on-demand support tailored to their needs, including childcare, eldercare and everyday assistance promoting their well-being and productivity at work.

What makes you different from other employee benefits providers?

We’re redefining employee benefits by providing a unique, comprehensive suite of services that allows employees to thrive and be present at work, regardless of what is going on in their personal lives. Employees can select personalised support that caters to the diverse needs of a multigenerational workforce. Unlike other solutions, companiions not only helps employees achieve a better work-life balance but also serves as a break-even solution for your business. The average loss due to absenteeism, attrition, and ED&I amounts to £3.2 million, and the cost of companiions ensures a 10x return on investment for your business.

We’re redefining employee benefits by providing a unique, comprehensive suite of services that allows employees to thrive

Webgains have been taking to companiions to help us maintain and build our B Corp status. Why, specifically, are you perfectly placed to do that?

While companiions supports all companies and employees in every sector, B Corp is a sweet spot as we help companies reach B Corp certification goals. companiions addresses pressing issues within organisations, such as caregiving challenges that often prompt women into forced exits. By providing caregiving benefits, we aim to ensure companies retain valuable talent, minimising the costs associated with recruitment and training for replacements.

Our support program also empowers women and ethnic minorities to pursue leadership roles, contributing to the reduction of gender gaps.

Prioritising employee well-being enhances your company’s reputation as an ethical employer, fostering a positive workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent. When employees receive support for managing caregiving responsibilities, they experience improved work-life balance, leading to higher job satisfaction and commitment.

‘companiions ensures that B Corp organisations and their employees meet high standards of social and environmental performance’

You recently featured on stage at PI LIVE in a female leadership panel with Alona Malinovska. What did you take away from this?

The key takeaways were:
Reducing forced exits

  • Highlighted the staggering number of women (54,000 in 2022) leaving the workforce, emphasising the need to eliminate forced exits.
  • Advocated for shared responsibility, normalising policies like paternity leave, equitable salary, and recognising the impact on hiring and onboarding costs.

Balancing Career and Caregiving

  • Emphasised the reality of employees juggling dependents, with over half of the UK workforce managing children or caregiving duties.
  • Stressed the high costs incurred by companies due to absenteeism, sickness, and attrition, signalling the importance of supporting employees in managing their personal responsibilities.

Support for Life Transitions

  • Acknowledged the challenges faced by employees during life transitions, such as moving, getting pets, or changing living situations.
  • Encouraged companies to recognise their employees as individuals with lives, showcasing the benefits of solutions like companiions in managing logistical challenges and supporting employees during transitions.
PI LIVE Panel – Working Career Models for the Next Generation of Female Leaders feat. companiions Founder Lisa Robinson
Why specifically can you help brands and publishers in the affiliate channel?

companiions can help, as many of the brands and publishers are B Corp organisations, and all of them have a large proportion of women in their organisations. companiions provides an inclusive way of supporting these employees to thrive in this industry.

Do you have an incentive for Webgains network Publsihers and Advertisers to sign up?

For organisations interested in finding out more about how companiions can support your organisation – get in touch with To learn more you can find us at and on LinkedIn.