PUBLISHER SPOTLIGHT: Bravo Savings Network

Hi Chris! Welcome to our Publisher Spotlight! Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself? 
My name is Chris Russell-Smith, and since January 2020, I have been looking after Growth & Partnerships in the UK for, part of the Bravo Savings Network.

Thanks Chris, so could you tell us a bit more about Bravo Savings? And what are their business values?
Bravo Savings Network is comprised of 7 sites across UK, DE, FR, IT, ES and the US, and Poland has just recently joined our network with its dedicated site too. Our HQ is in Florence where there are around 35 colleagues, including native language content and account management. Our goal is to take the experience of those who shop online to the next level, become the consumer’s main point of reference for saving online and provide great ROI to our advertisers.

Sounds great, and Florence is a very nice location for a HQ! So, what would you say are the biggest benefits for an advertiser working with your company?
Our advertisers can reach a growing audience of engaged consumers through a variety of push and pull marketing channels.  For instance, our email sends have a 40% open rate. Bravo Savings Network has 7 sites currently covering the US and most of mainland Europe and this provides great scope and single source for international activity.

So, Chris, what can you tell us about your audience? What types of advertisers do you work best with? 
Our audience tends to be slightly female biased and within the 25-44 age range.  We are seeing great results from travel, retail and fashion, but we carry advertisers across all categories.

Is there anything else you’d like our customers to know?
To support our growth plans in the UK and also to reinvest in the industry we are sponsoring the Best Managed Program SME at the PMA Awards in April and will have a stand at PI Live, so we look forward to meeting as many people as possible and creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

Great, we look forward to seeing you there too! So, what makes Bravo Savings an exciting company?
Bravo Savings Network is continuously evolving in both the way we look and operate and the services we want to offer consumers.  We continue to innovate and expand into new markets and channels to reach our consumers. For advertisers, we have a huge number of promotional opportunities from placements on site, to newsletters, push notifications and social media. There is always a great energy around the team and the offer, and this means we are very flexible, open to new ideas and super responsive.

That all sounds great! So does Bravo Savings have any exciting plans coming up in 2020?
Last year we launched a sustainability initiative over the key shopping period called Green Friday which was well supported by a number of advertisers.  For all sales made across the network between Black Friday and Christmas, Bravo Savings Network would plant a tree. We’ll be releasing the results of that shortly and intend to make sustainability a more consistent part of our value proposition.  Watch this space!

Wow! That’s such a great initiative, we can’t wait to hear the results! And finally one more question, can you tell us one fun fact about your business?
Our 30 strong team at our head office in Florence is based in a recently converted Renaissance mansion, complete with an ornamental garden of antiquity full of statues… but the coolest thing about us is our Company CPO, a Maltese dog called Bubu, who has his own LinkedIn account. Check him out!

He is so cute! We would definitely love to meet him and visit your offices too they sound amazing! Thank you so much for your time Chris and for answering all our questions