Publisher Spotlight – NMPi by Incubeta

Welcome to our Publisher Spotlight! Could you please introduce yourself? 

Hi, my name is Callum Kennelly, I’m a Senior Partnerships Executive here at NMPi by Incubeta and have been at the company for over a year now. In that time, I have seen a lot of changes to the company, like a completely new office in Old Street as well as the more recent transition to working from home.  

My role at NMPi by Incubeta is to be the first point of contact between a brand and our services; help to define a strategy and then supporting with the on-boarding process. 


Nice to meet you Callum, could you tell us more about NMPi by Incubeta and its business values? 

NMPi by Incubeta is an international digital marketing agency, with a heritage rooted in performance marketing. When we started in 2004, we were a paid-on-performance agency, and that mindset has stayed with us ever since. 

Our performance model means that we cover the cost of your digital campaigns and only receive payment in the form of commission when we meet your KPIs. By only receiving payment when we deliver results, we’re truly incentivised to fully immerse ourselves in your campaigns and drive success for everyone involved. 

Our performance mindset has been translated across all of our services; defining the way that we set up and optimise campaigns across paid search, CSS, display and paid social. 


What would you say are the biggest benefits for an advertiser working with NMPi by Incubeta? 

We offer a whole range of paid media services that would ordinarily require huge budgets from the advertiser. This means we can offer a 100% risk-free service where our clients know exactly what they’re getting for their money. Plus, our teams are incentivised to drive the best possible results and are constantly striving to find new ways of giving our clients a competitive advantage.  

No tech fees, no hidden costs. A 100% risk-free way to make the most of paid media. 


Sounds great Callum! Can you tell us about your audience and what types of advertisers you work best with? 

With our wide-ranging catalogue of services, we’re able to support each and every type of advertiser – whether you’re a retailer or an e-learning provider. Of course, some verticals will be suited to certain services, so we like to work with the advertiser to find a full solution to sure their needs and help them achieve their business goals.  


What makes NMPi by Incubeta an exciting company? 

Our business is fuelled by data, which we use to deliver incredibly granular and relevant campaigns for our clients. We provide a personalised service that gives them access to the best technology and bespoke tools to help them achieve their business goals. This includes:  


  • Feeds – we ensure feeds are set up effectively so they can pull through all essential data – margin data, stock availability etc – to help inform optimisation decisions.  


  • External data sources – we make the most of external data sources to inform our bidding decisions; for example, we have an algorithm to change our bids based on player form for a sports client. We evaluate the external factors that will affect a client’s business and incorporate this into our bidding and creative decision-making.  


  • NMPinsights – we have our own proprietary technology which monitors competitor behaviour and these insights can then inform our strategy. This platform also has additional capabilities such as evaluating worldwide opportunities for a client and gathering data on the top-performing elements for campaigns. 


  • Bespoke tools – Our in-house product development team often builds bespoke tools and platforms to suit the specific requirements and targets of our clients when they arise, such as integrating external data sources into your campaigns. 


Has NMPi by Incubeta got any exciting plans coming up in the next 12 months? 

As I’m sure you are aware, in this current climate a lot of different verticals are going to be tackling the next few months in a number of different ways. From an NMPi by Incubeta perspective, we find ourselves in a place where we’re able to provide support and help guide advertisers through these uncertain few months.  

The plans and the strategies we have in place have been created around the inevitable effect COVID-19 is having on each advertiser and the support we can provide a brand could be the difference between an advertiser maintaining a good level of exposure whilst driving sales and potentially not because of the costs of doing so. 


Thanks Callum, so with regards to the current effect Covid-19 is having, where do you think the Affiliate space is heading to in the next year and what would you say are the main market disruptions? 

My thoughts on where the affiliate space is heading have certainly changed over the last few months with an already reactive world becoming even more so now with Covid-19. As a company, we’re doing everything we can do to make sure we’re on top of this but with so much uncertainty the approach I’m personally taking is one week at a time.  

From an NMPi by Incubeta perspective, we see the affiliate space being vital to keeping a brand seen and exposed to new customers with the performance model being a risk-free way of driving sales. With that being said the main disrupters in my eyes will be any publishers that can deliver results on a risk-free model and also any publisher that has nailed down an effective and efficient working from home environment, given that this is now the new normal. If a publisher is struggling with the change in work culture, then how can they cope with driving performance for advertisers? 


What is the most exciting time of year for you as a business? 

Because of the number of different brands in different verticals that we work with, each month brings new exciting opportunities. It’s really interesting to see when different verticals pick up in terms of performance and I’m very lucky to be in a business where no two months are the same! 


Is there anything else you’d like our customers to know? 

We have created a Covid-19 Resource Hub which is a great way to keep up to date with everything that’s going on day by day and whilst we’re all working remotely we’ll be holding several webinars in the coming weeks and months that will pop up on the resource hub so feel free to attend. 


That’s such a great resource, thanks for sharing! Finally, what is one fun fact about NMPi by Incubeta? 

At the start of April, we began an internal ‘Grateful April’ campaign where each employee was nominated to post something that they’re grateful for each day. It was an amazing way to keep in touch with the teams not just based in the UK but globally. A personal favourite of mine was the views of the Welsh valleys that one of our Customer Success Analyst posted. 

That’s a great campaign, we love it! Definitely something we may try too! Thanks Callum for taking the time