Welcome to our Publisher Spotlight, could you please introduce yourself? 

My name is Rich Greenwell and I am the Commercial Director for UpSellit in Europe and Asia.  


Nice to meet you Rich, could you tell us more about UpSellit & its core business values? 

We are an onsite conversion technology company that specialises in working with advertisers to understand what their pain points are when it comes to conversion, and then coming up with solutions to help.  

Put simply we have nearly 900 different ways that our technology solutions can help advertisers with their goals. These strategies help across a number of areas, from new leads and sales, to increasing the AOV within a customer’s basket, to helping advertisers with customer loyalty.  


Wow that’s a lot of ways! So, what are the biggest benefits for an advertiser working with UpSellit? 

There are two key differences between UpSellit and other publishers in the space: UpSellit’s technology and its dedication to results. A lot of the time, when comparing publishers, the technology and solutions can look the same from one to the next, but those are just the graphics. While we’re proud of the incredible work our talented design team produces, it’s the technology behind our solutions that produces such incredible results. 


About your audience, what types of advertisers do you work best with? 

Whilst we are particularly strong in retail and consumer electronics, the sheer volume of our solutions means that we can work across all verticals. Ultimately for us, it’s all about understanding what the advertiser’s needs are, and working with them to come up with personalized solutions to match.  


Sounds great Rich, so what makes UpSellit an exciting company? 

We have been in the business for 15 years now and as the industry has grown, we have been at the forefront of its technological advancements, continuing to test new campaigns and ideas with our clients. To that point, we very much act as an extension of an advertisers marketing team, offering an agency type service to our clients and allowing them to focus on other tasks whilst we get to work on helping them achieve their goals. Working towards a CPA model, it’s absolutely in our interests to work quickly and efficiently for our clients, and to that point, we can get campaigns up and running within a couple of weeks. 

Our team has also delivered some incredible out of the box campaigns for our advertisers based on using data to help drive customer urgency, such as low stock alerts, countdowns, and timers.  


Any exciting plans coming up for UpSellit in the next 12 months? 

UpSellit’s technology is constantly evolving and we have seen tremendous innovation at the hands of our founder and CEO, Chris Wampler. Over the next 12 months, we expect more of the same industry-leading innovation. One of the most exciting technologies we’ve fine-tuned and always suggest to advertisers that want to prove incrementality is our Control Groups. 

Control Groups are one of the most exciting features we offer, as they are extremely data driven. Control Groups are random segments of traffic that are not eligible for UpSellit’s solutions. They provide an accurate comparison of how UpSellit’s strategies are affecting conversion rates, average order values, and customer lifetime value. They also provide a great side-by-side comparison of a site with and without our solutions. In short, Control Groups effectively measure the impact UpSellit’s solutions have while leaving the parameters and controls within the hands of our clients.    


Where do you think the Affiliate space is heading to in the next year and what would you say are the main market disruptions? 

The market continues to grow and to be the most cost effective for any advertiser and I don’t see any sign of that slowing down. Automation is becoming more and more prevalent in our industry and as time goes on, this if done correctly can be great for a very much people led industry, meaning account managers can spend their efforts on optimising their campaigns.  

For us, as we are still very much new to the European market, we are hoping to make an impact as well.  


We are sure you will make a great impact, so what is the most exciting time of year for you as a business? 

It sounds obvious but Black Friday and Christmas is obviously huge for us, but again the beauty of our solutions mean that we can work effectively with advertisers at any time of year. We have in-house marketing resources that allow us to reference effective marketing strategies to implement for advertisers across any season. Since most major occasions and holidays see high spend, we can help advertisers pick from a number of campaigns to implement throughout the year.  


Is there anything else you’d like our customers to know? 

We’ve been doing this for 15 years now, so we are confident that we can replicate what has worked for us in the US here in the EMEA region. We understand advertisers have concerns about utilising on site technology as they don’t want to see their site dominated by continuous pop ups. By utilising our technology and rules we can deliver the best possible ROI for the minimal consumer disruption.  


And finally, what is one fun fact about your business? 

We’re called UpSellit as our business started as a chat bot intended to up-sell online shoppers. Over time, we discovered that by engaging abandoning shoppers, our chat agents could address the reasons for site abandonment and convince people to come back and complete their purchases. 

Using the insights, we were collecting, we began experimenting with new conversion strategies. We built out an analytics engine, email and mobile retargeting solutions and a website personalization platform. As a result, UpSellit now hosts a suite of industry-leading solutions that are used by some of the world’s biggest brands.  


A great name and very interesting backstory. Thanks for taking the time to speak to us Rich!