Publisher Spotlight – Widilo

Welcome to our Publisher Spotlight! Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and the company you work for?

I am Sacha, Co-founder of Widilo, I have been working in this sector for 10 years and since then we have launched 3 Widilo in several countries in the European market. Widilo is the most rewarding cashback and voucher website. With Widilo, online shoppers can find voucher codes and earn cash back at their favourite online stores in one place when shopping online.

Nice to meet you, Sacha, could you tell us what are Widilo’s core business values? 

Our main mission is to provide online buyers with the best offers and voucher codes valid at their favourite merchants. We aim to increase the purchase power of online buyers. Every month, millions of online shoppers use our solutions to get the best discount codes or help before they buy anything online.

What would you say are the biggest benefits for an advertiser working with Widilo & which advertisers do you work best with?

Advertisers not working with us should join us because they have nothing to lose! We don’t make false promises and our partners know in advance what to expect by investing with us. We have been working with thousands of advertisers for years and have excellent relationships with each and every one of them. We are a driving force and often propose new, very efficient, and profitable schemes to our partners.

Sounds great, so Sacha, can you tell us about your audience & demographic?

Some figures about our audience representing online shoppers in 2020:

  • 70% on mobile and 30% on desktop
  • 60% female and 40% male
  • 36% between 18-24 years, 30% between 25-34 years, 18% between 35-44 years, 10% between 45-54 years, 6% above 55 years.
  • 22% employed, 20% intermediate professions, 18% management and senior professions, 40% others

Does Widilo have any exciting plans coming up in the following months?

Many projects are under development with the aim of always improving the user experience of our community and offering an ever-increasing range of services. I can’t say everything, but in-store cashback is one of the tracks for 2020-2021.

Sound’s exciting, so for advertisers looking to join you do you have any requirements or restrictions to work with you?

We simply ask for strong interest and willingness of our partner to find solutions together to promote the products and services. We can’t do it alone and a good affiliate marketing campaign is always a well-prepared campaign beforehand. We have plenty of schemes available and we need our partner to take the time to choose the most suitable ones for him and in advance.

Any more upcoming opportunities that you’d like to share for Widilo?

Totally, we have just set up a system of promotion with famous influencers which is of great interest to our partner merchants. We mainly work on YouTube and Instagram by doing contests and product tests.

What makes Widilo stand out from your competitors and gives you the edge? 

First of all, we have a very loyal community that is very attracted by the offers we promote. Our cashback rates are unique and higher than any other player in the market. Just by taking a simple tour of the market, you can see that. This inevitably attracts a large community of online shoppers. Our multi-channel offer with web extension, promotional sites and mobile application is a considerable asset for our partners. Our ideal partners know our strengths and our ability to promote them in order to bring them additional turnover.

Can you tell us one fun fact about your business?

Before being what he is now, Widilo was a chatbot who provided promotional offers when spoken to! We were very proud of this but had to take a different turn. This proves that we are always looking for different support to satisfy our partners and members.

Finally, one more question, can you sum up your business in one word?

My word would be PASSION. My true passion is to always find solutions so that online shoppers can always make additional online savings and our partner merchants improve their performance thanks to us.

Whether through innovations or through our sales force, I take great pleasure in satisfying both our partners and our members!

We are big fans of innovation here at Webgains and we love your passion. Thanks, Sacha for speaking with us.

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