Q4 Activity Planning

Q4 is approaching fast and every year it is getting more and more important to start planning your marketing tactics and activities as early as possible to make the busiest period of the year a success. Not planning early and being in time can make or break a retail operation for the entire year having 30-40% of business occurring in Q4.

To find out if you are Q4 ready, ask yourself the following questions:

– Business Goals – What are your revenue targets for Q4?

– Budget – Do you have enough budget aside for Q4?

Campaigns & Promotions – What special campaigns are you running?

– Creatives & Content – Did you already plan the content and creatives for your promotions?

– Events – Which events are the most important ones for your business?

The challenge for marketing and sales is clearing the funnel with the most qualified Q4 opportunities. To give you a hand with the planning your affiliate activities we created a Q4 Activity Planner which should help you to plan your additional affiliate exposures alongside your promotions and the important key dates as well as to assist with tips & tricks for busiest period of the Year. The planner also contains a number of exposures suggestions from our key affiliates which will be updated on a weekly basis.

Here the most important Q4 affiliate tips in a nutshell:

  1. Make sure you have your tenancy budget planned and available – Tenancy options are most of the time the only accepted model to get special exposure in the hot quarter.
  2. Reach out to your top affiliates and mid-tier affiliates as early as possible to ensure the best slots are still available.
  3. Make sure your creatives are in planning and ready to go at least 2 weeks before the planned exposure to allow changes and corrections if needed.
  4. Create publisher newsletter to inform your publishers about all upcoming promotions.
  5. Add in reminders to make sure you forward the correct promotions at the right time and make sure they up to date and ready to go in the Webgains platform.


Questions? Get in touch with the Webgains team for booking exposures. We’ll give your Q4 THE EDGE.

Download the Q4 GUIDE

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