Say hello to the future: performance marketing meets AI

Get ready for the power of AI and machine learning as we partner with Watson to transform the way you do business.

First paid search got AdWords, then display got programmatic. But we thought it was about time performance marketing got its own revolution. As 2018 gets underway we’re partnering with IBM’s Watson to bring the power of AI to the performance channel for the first time.

Over the coming years, we’ll be working with the team at Watson to build some of the most exciting and innovative technology the industry has seen in years. Here’s a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come…

Meet your very own personal assistant…

Harnessing the power of machine learning, the first product we launch will be a virtual assistant. Affiliate marketing’s first ever chatbot will help you find what you need to manage your programs and campaigns faster than ever before. Helping you get the most out of the platform, the chatbot will work in harmony with your account manager to bring the very best of Webgains right to your fingertips.

Knowing what consumers did yesterday is one thing, but what are they going to do tomorrow?

Next, we turn our attention to consumer behaviour, specifically the consumer behaviour of the future. After all, knowing what consumers did yesterday is one thing, but what are they going to do tomorrow?

Using Watson’s big data processing and artificial intelligence, we’ll be building a suite of cognitive advertising products. Drawing on multiple data sources we’ll be building a real-time picture of market conditions to help you get ahead of the curve with intelligent predictions for what will sell and when.

Together, our AI products will transform the Webgains experience. Webgains CEO, Richard Dennys says, “The introduction of AI into Webgains’ suite of technology isn’t about making jobs disappear. Just the opposite. This is all about giving clients, publishers and our staff more flexibility. By taking away admin tasks we’re enabling our account managers to be more efficient and make more intelligent decisions. This is an investment that’s going to have a real impact on clients’ results and profit and make our service more valuable than ever before.”

With plenty of exciting updates to come our AI journey is only just beginning. For the next instalment, watch this space!