Taking Growth Seriously: Exploring Webgains’ New Growth Specialist Roles

Article by Georgina Samson, Client Services Director, Webgains.

Taking Growth Seriously: Exploring Webgains’ new Growth Specialist roles

Inflation and the current economic environment are causing more businesses to restrict budgets and look to stretch them further. We’ve seen this with many of our own clients and been able to help them execute successful affiliate channel strategies that deliver growth even in challenging times.

One major contribution to our ability to deliver this has been the creation of new Growth Specialist roles within our client-facing team. Webgains’ Growth Specialists are experienced affiliate marketers – at both Supported and Self-Managed service levels – working advertisers with untapped high growth potential in the channel.

A Webgains Growth Specialist program is totally complimentary at this time and typically involves a three-month burst of effort solely focused on delivering bespoke support and guidance as well as accelerating program growth. This can be for both newly launched clients or those with a more mature program that may be under indexing in the space.

Advertiser clients working with a Webgains Growth Specialist can expect us to push the boundaries of their affiliate program to ensure that all opportunities are understood and considered by them. This typically includes: introducing new high-profile publisher partners, challenging their forbidden marketing tactics, repositioning budgets, and establishing a relationship and lines of communication with their wider marketing team.

Let’s meet two of our Growth Specialists to find out more about their experience in these new roles:

Tineal De Wet

I derive great satisfaction from my current role and the interactions I have with our esteemed clients. Guiding them in the art of expanding their programmes and fostering strong relationships with their affiliates is a task I find immensely fulfilling.

It brings me great joy to witness significant growth, often surpassing 60%, in their programmes as a result of our collaborative efforts.”

Hannah Clark

The Growth Role lead has allowed me to form relationships with many more clients across the Webgains portfolio & introducing them to new publishers & new publisher types. This has helped add to their bottom line in a tough economic climate. We’re at a time now where affiliate programmes cannot just rely on lower funnel publishers such as closed platforms & cashback.

In the process of diversifying the publisher mix, we have always maintained a focus on ROI & long-term growth.”

Now you know about the service, I’ll leave you with a few case studies from Webgains Advertisers who have recently worked with our Growth Specialists on their affiliate programs…

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