Things we read – July 2020

Back in 2019, we started an email string with our staff to share links to books, articles and videos around professional advice and leadership. We decided to bring it back in our first new monthly instalment of, ‘Things we read.’

This week we speak to members of our International Account Management team, who share with us a TED Talk on the issues we see facing the US now in regards to systematic racism. A Victorian Who-Dunnit that is a real page-turner and lastly Nike Founder Phil Knight’s Autobiography about how he overcame his struggles to become the founder of one of the most recognised and profitable companies worldwide.


Chloe Hanisko

How to Deconstruct Racism, One headline at a Time – Baratunde Thurston

A great TED Talk from 2019 that helps further put in to perspective the issues we see facing the US now in regards to systematic racism and the calls to defund the police, with suggestions on how each person can work towards making themselves and the people around them safer. It’s quite heavy stuff, but it’s definitely worth a watch.”

Nina Blicher

“Once Upon a River” by Diane Setterfiled.

“A Victorian who-dunnit, but not as you know it. Slowly meandering and never leaving the river, it weaves in the tales of the people who live along the banks into the mystery of the little girl from the river. Great storytelling and characters made this one of the most relaxing books I’ve read in a long time. Perfect escapism”

Aira Reyes

“Shoe Dog” A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

“I’m aiming to read one book per month, and this one has always been on my wish list – reviews are great and who wouldn’t want to know how it all started. Plenty of insights into the whole journey, all the struggles he faced and how he overcomes them to become one of the most recognised and profitable companies. So far, highly inspired by his fierce determination to succeed.”

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