Things We Read – Part 2

Alona Malinovska – Group Head of Client Services

Back in spring at we started “Things we read” email string to share links to books, articles and videos around professional advice and leadership. 

Here is a part 2 the highlights we selected to share. The great finds and suggestions were contributed by Shayan, an Account Director, and Rosie, a Senior Account Manager here at Webgains. 


Option B – A book about resilience and facing adversity from the CEO at Facebook – Sheryl Sandberg. 

The Discomfort Zone  A talk from Farrah Storr (editor in chief at Cosmopolitan) about finding success outside your comfort zone. She also has a book out with the same title. 

Here’s a good one I like, a TED talk on  How to Speak so that people want to listen

You probably know Tim Ferriss – he has a mega-popular podcast focused on lifestyle, productivity, health and everything an overachiever can dream of. 😊 This is also the guy who wrote 4-hour workweek. Tim sends out succinct , 5-Bullet Friday newsletters that are quite cool.

Live Like a Hydra – an article by Buster Benson on Medium. I felt some of his opinions are arguable, still a refreshing point of view. The antifragility idea is especially interesting .

Seth Godin’s blog. He is an advocate for permission marketing and his daily tips are usually about advertising, selling, marketing and positioning but he also covers more general areas; for example, this article was a real revelation for me: Ignore Sunk Costs.


This is part of a weekly series published on LinkedIn & Webgains Blog. For more information contact press@webgains.com.

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