We get your heart racing! But not as fast as our new Data Feeds!

Webgains is spreading the love this Valentines with an update to our product data feeds. Soon to be released in February, our publishers will benefit from significantly faster, near real-time, product data feeds giving our partners the edge. What’s more, data feeds will also be available to export in Google feed specification giving you more choice.

1) What is a Data feed:  

The Data feed is beneficial to both Advertisers and Publishers. It is a Server-Less method of uploading and downloading product information. 

 For Publishers: It allows publishers to download and tailor a list of products, with any information on that product they desire; Link, Price, Images, etc. 

 For Advertisers: It offers a fast and reliable method for uploading products to the Webgains catalogue. 

2) Why do Publishers use data feeds? 

Datafeeds allow Publishers to quickly and easily get access to a large volume of product data which they can display without manually having to collate the information or manually add individual deep-links to each product they promote. As the data feed includes product details such as product description, price and stock levels, it’s an effective way to get up to date content relevant for your audiences.   

Given the nature of the data available, Price comparison publishers tend to use data feeds more frequently than other publisher models.  

3) What has changed with Webgains’ data feed 

Webgains have gone server-less. What does this mean? Traditional data infrastructure is reliant on hosting persistent servers. Webgains are embracing a new form of computing, one made possible by cloud technology. Simply put, it’s on-demand computing.  

This means code is run when the user needs it. 

As a result, we don’t have downtime and clients can be assured of a dedicated pipeline of data management from upload to export. That means Webgains can offer a significantly faster flow of information that can’t be interrupted.  

In addition to strengthening our infrastructure, Webgains has improved the information it is exporting. We’ve standardised our product data, conformed it with Google Feed Specification, and made it searchable. This makes it easier for publishers to find the products they want, export them in the formats they want, ultimately giving consumers greater availability of products. 

4) What does this mean for publishers  

In a nutshell this means that Publishers can now get more products faster. They can get product data in a variety of formats and access this data in near real-time. This will significantly increase the accuracy of time sensitive data fields such as pricing and stock levels.  

For new publishers using the Webgains data feed you can also expect a more streamlined integration.

5) Do I need to do anything?  

No, if you are already using the Webgains product data feed you do not need to action anything. Interested in working with product data feeds? Contact us here for more info.