Webgains Goes Cubed With New AI-Driven Tracking Technology Deal

Webgains to exclusively deliver AI driven multi-touchpoint attribution insights, via new strategic partnership with CUBED

BRISTOL & NUREMBERG, 14thJanuary 2019:

International hi-performance affiliate marketing network Webgains announces today a new, exclusive partnership with CUBED, the leading eCommerce attribution and conversion analysis company. By integrating a multi-touchpoint attribution (MTA) model provided by CUBED into their advertiser portal, Webgains will offer an industry-leading solution for better identifying and correctly rewarding affiliate partners & publishers.

The MTA model will allow advertisers to track the entirety of the purchase lifecycle, and to decide which touchpoints will be rewarded and how. Webgains and CUBED will process billions of data points each month and will offer detailed insight to advertisers, who in turn will be able to further develop their understanding of the customer journey and build closer relationships with publishers. The MTA will also ensure that non-traditional publishers, such as influencers, are rewarded accordingly if they are part of the purchase lifecycle. CUBED and Webgains will also work closely together on new innovations.

The launch of the collaboration between CUBED and Webgains follows a recent announcement of an industry-first creative, technical & knowledge transfer partnership with Humanise.AI. It is also the next step on Webgains’ journey of bringing innovative and data-driven technologies into their product offering.

Richard Dennys, CEO of Webgains, comments, “This partnership illustrates further that Webgains continues to be the innovative face of the affiliate marketing industry, and also the most adept at securing partnerships with the most exciting technology companies. CUBED is a dynamic and disruptive team of experts, with exciting technologies to bring to Webgains’ tracking and attribution reporting. The new partnership with CUBED will allow Webgains to identify all points on the sales path, not just the final click, and offer the ability to recognise and reward all publishers, including blogs, content, cashback and reward sites, that contribute throughout the purchase lifecycle. Tens of millions of clicks will be tracked and analysed every month, giving the clearest ever view of the influences of every customer’s journey, from first to last click.

Russell McAthy – CEO, Cubed.AI added:“CUBED are super excited to partner with Webgains to support their goal to help their customers better understand the true value of marketing. The seamless integration into their tag means that within seconds we can start capturing data allowing for the machine learning to really take over to create insights. We are looking forward to working closely with the team at Webgains in truly driving the affiliate industry forward using data and AI at the forefront of success”:

Derek Freer, UK MD at Webgains commented “Webgains’ partnership with CUBED allows us to offer full service for the next generation of tracking. As this exciting tool is provided with our GDPR and ITP2 compliant tracking solution as standard, we are able to provide our advertisers with full transparency in evaluating their affiliate transactions within the market leading multi-channel attribution. ”

About Webgains

The affiliate marketing network Webgains is a member of the ad pepper media group, headquartered in London. The company was founded in 2005 and has additional offices in locations including Nuremberg, Munich, Bristol, Paris, Madrid and New York. Webgains’ innovative platform is available in 14 markets worldwide, enabling advertisers to manage their partner programmes efficiently. The performance marketing network supports customers in 195 countries and advertised over 20 million products in the online sector in 2017, resulting in an annual Gross Sales Value (GSV) of over €1 billion.

Webgains’ vision is to make affiliate marketing intuitive, predictive and proactive with the help of cognitive technologies. The aim is to let performance marketing benefit from the latest developments in AI and machine learning. As the world’s first affiliate network, Webgains has been working on these developments with IBM Watson since 2017 and has developed AI to an advanced level in collaboration with AWS, Google and Apple.

Webgains UK has been nominated for 5 Awards in the 2018 PerformanceIn “International Performance Marketing” Awards and in May 2018  won the PerformixX award and is one of the top two leading German affiliate networks in the field of display performance.

The Webgains network includes 250,000 publishers and 1,800 advertisers, including brands such as Lovehoney, Decathlon, Samsung, Liverpool FC, Real Madrid FC and Hertz.


CUBED the marketing attribution company, headquartered in London, with offices in Cardiff and Edinburgh, has been operating since 2016. Working with clients spanning over 60 regions processing over 1 Billion data points daily. Our goal is to support businesses to make smarter decisions around their marketing by knowing the truth of the consumer journey.

Combining a proprietary tagging and data capture process, machine learning algorithms, and a digital dashboard with our market leading consultancy enables CUBED’s clients to take a true step forward towards incremental marketing success. More information can be found via CUBED.AI


For more information, please contact our PR team at press@webgains.com

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