Mixer Quiz – Get Up & Glow – 22/05/24

Join Webgains in London on Wednesday May 22nd for our biggest event of 2024 – The Webgains Mixer Quiz. 

It’s been a hot minute, but prior to a global pandemic changing the way we live our lives almost overnight, Webgains quizzes were legendary in the affiliate industry. Now, in the words of the great Billy Joel, it’s time to turn the lights back on

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Our team are tittering with excitement to bring quizzing back the Webgains way. This means that we put our guests’ (that’s you) experience as our priority. We always create a relaxed environment, where having fun powers the conversations we all need to have to keep glowing in the affiliate channel. 

When: 5-11 pm on Wednesday, May 22nd 2024
Where: Sway Bar, 61-65 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5BZ.
What: Neon everywhere, quiz, prizes, drinks, food, Smarter Connections.
Who: Webgains team plus advertisers, publishers and partners.
RSVP: marketing@webgains.com

To this end, we will be creating mixed quiz teams combining publishers and advertisers with members of the Webgains team. We’ll keep you fed and watered enabling you to conquer multiple quiz rounds. Expect testing trivia, boggling brain-teasers, chest-thumping challenges, triumphant treasures, and much more!  

As the metaphorical light emits from your magnificent minds, it will dance with our electrifying neon light setup to create the perfect backdrop for what will be the affiliate event of the year.

Quite simply, you’re not missing this!  

General knowledge not your thing? Don’t worry, your light will still burn bright. There’ll be plenty of fun and networking as well as the quiz. Also, you’ll have several teammates to lean on – surely one of them will know that Canada has more coastline than China, right? 

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Spaces are extremely limited so don’t miss your chance to be part of The Webgains Mixer Quiz. RSVP now via the form above or by emailing us – marketing@webgains.com.  

Attendance is totally free but is limited to two people per company. Please email us if you would like to bring more people than this as we may be able to accommodate.  

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