We give you the edge and a new look

Welcome to the fast, beautiful, hi-performance future of Webgains! 

So today we’re thrilled and excited to roll out our new website as well as launching The Webgains Academy – and you will notice that these all come with a brand new look and feel! 

You will also notice that we’re finally unveiling our new Webgains brand, drawing inspiration from everything around us as well as the value propositions which are driving us forward. 

Webgains CEO, Richard Dennys

Why Webgains? 

Even though Webgains has been alive since 2006, on arrival in October 2016, I felt strongly that our ‘inner voice’ was not being heard and hardly anyone outside the affiliate marketing industry had heard of us. It was also hard to work out why the performance and affiliate marketing world needs a Webgains in it. 

I therefore asked my great friends and brand marketing gurus Natasha and Tanya at Estrella Green to undertake some brand positioning work, to find out what it is that the staff and stakeholders find most valuable here at Webgains; the emotional ‘essence’ that drives our current success and fast, accelerating growth. 

The answer came back loud and clear. Working with Webgains gives our clients a definite ‘edge’. 

We do brilliant things for our advertisers, affiliates and partners. Often we take low or zero performing advertiser programmes and transform them onto a new trajectory inside our network of active and dedicated affiliates. We’re not about just doing a few ‘big’ things as an easy ride, we’re all about an ‘aggregation of marginal gains’ (to quote Olympic Cycling coach, Dave Brailsford)  

In one of the research meetings we were described as “a personal trainer for performance marketing” so this was the golden nugget which we then pursued through the many, many design and branding iterations. 

So from this point on, I was very clear on where I wanted to go. Any new brand design needed to be: 

1. Unique 

We wanted something different from the usual boring corporate, identikit, designed by committee ‘logo’.  We wanted a BRAND. 

2. Bold and Challenging 

It needed to be totally fresh and represent the fast and beautiful nature of our team and the people we work with. We’re 100 superheroes working at the peak of our superpowers to support our network to grow as fast as we can guide them. 

3. Meaningful 

Would you wear this on your sports kit? I wanted something as powerful as a sport team’s badge that we can all get behind and feel proud of. In any country or language. 

4. Playful 

Most people who work with and around us are in their early careers. Who wants to be shackled to ideas from the past? We can’t wait to have a lot of fun with our new brand. 

5. Understood 

I wanted any iconography to be pretty obvious from the first time you see it. None of this “our new logo represents the coming together of A, B and C” crap. We’re promising to help you perform at the highest level with an invite to the world of performance marketing to join our team as a brand, affiliate, partner or employee and reach for the stars! 

6. Completely flexible

If it’s on a pen, a website, a sport kit or a sales contract, our brand stands out from the rest, as a unique, fast, beautiful, pioneering promise to work harder, longer, tougher and brighter than anyone else out there.  

There you have it, welcome to the all-new Webgains branding and today we begin a new leap into the future. 

Do join us – We give you the edge 😊