Webgains Receives ISO 27001 Certification – An Important Step Towards GDPR and ePrivacy Compliance

Webgains has recently become certified to handle and manage sensitive and confidential information after achieving the ISO 27001 certification.

By the end of May 2018, both the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Regulation (EPR) will be in effect. All EU and UK businesses, and those further afield, but trading in Europe, should be thinking hard about what they need to do to be ready, and avoid falling foul of the new rules governing client and user data.

In the affiliate marketing space, we think it’s particularly important to not only get ready for new regulations but to be pushing the envelope at all times. To improve and upgrade processes and systems, to better manage both ourselves and our customer’s data, is a huge priority for us.

By deciding to become ISO 27001 certified we have set out our position as a company at the forefront of not only the affiliate marketing space but as a truly hi-performance network that has security and process solidly underpinning everything we do.

Information security management is fully integrated into the whole Webgains organisation, our culture and strategy. More importantly, for the long-term compliance of GDPR, it means that our strategy and processes are being constantly monitored, updated and reviewed to ensure we are always meeting the highest standards.

Failure to comply with GDPR is a risky prospect for businesses, which is why we have taken the steps we have, but we are also aware that our customers and affiliate partners want to be assured that we are handling data in the way we should be.

Commenting on the certification, our CEO Richard Dennys said: “It’s the Webgains view that every business should push themselves and their commitment to both data and client management and, gaining security certification through the rigorous ISO 27001 process, is a clear message that we are leading the way.”

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