Advertiser Spotlight – Douchebags

Welcome to our Advertiser Spotlight! Could you please tell us a little bit about yourselves?   

We’re Douchebags. Founded in 2012 by the Swedish free ski legend Jon Olsson and the Norwegian product designer Truls Brataas. We originally launched The Douchebag, a ski bag meant to be as well designed as it looked good. We needed a sticky name when we launched. Something cheeky that got people talking about us. Something that got us traction in the community and eyes on how strong our product was. From there (and after a bunch of design awards), we took those design principles into new categories, from backpacks to luggage for both men and women.

Could you tell us a bit more about Douchebags? And what are your core business values?   

We stand for better journeys through smarter gear. We are merging an urban and active lifestyle to challenge the traditional approach to bags. Backpacks for a dusk-to-dawn photo-shoot. A sturdy duffel for a weekend getaway. Luggage that looks good and gets your belongings there in one piece. Or even exploring your local neighbourhood (as the current case may be). Douchebags mean better journeys.


Sounds Great! So, what would you say are the biggest benefits for a publisher working with Douchebags? 

We’re high growth and have expanded predominantly through organic media so far. 2020 is our year of taking this into the next gear. We’re laser focused on investing in partnerships to drive our growth.

We’ve got strong commission rates and high AOVs to come out of the gate swinging.We might even get you one of the bags 😉


We wouldn’t say no to a bag! What can you tell us about your audience? What types of publisher do you work best with? 

There is no one Douchebags customer. Our audience is typically 25-35 and split 50/50 male and female.They have an active lifestyle. They’re urban but love to explore outside of the city. They want to look good but not get slowed down with bad functionality. They’re content creators, they’re sporty, they’re wanderlust. They have a positive mindset and approach to all that they do.Right now, they’re the person who takes their backpack and explores their neighbourhood and the beauty in their local town.


Does Douchebags have any exciting plans coming up in 2020? 

Apart from scaling investment in our digital expansion (with ecommerce more important now than ever), we have a number of soon to be announced product collaborations with ambassadors and athletes. These partnerships are massive for us. We released one in April and most lines sold out within 45 mins. Affiliates will play a major role in bringing these to new customers.


And finally, one more question, can you tell us one fun fact about your business?

Our founders met out surfing in northern Norway. By pure chance, they had very similar passions and thoughts on travel and life. After lots of chat about how they could disrupt the bag industry and bring in a whole new offering (and lots of beers), Douchebags was founded.

Sounds like a great first meeting, and we are definitely excited to be working with you! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us


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