Four ways to boost performance and accelerate growth with ‘The Tag’ by Webgains

The introduction of ‘The Tag‘ in Q4 2023 has made technical partnerships via the Webgains network seamless. We’ve seen some significant results on client programs when implementing these publishers’ conversion tactics that boost traffic, sales and AOV. 

This feature, powered by Webgains, removes the need for advertisers to manually add any code to their website in order to work with many leading technology publishers. Brands who have activated ‘The Tag’ can access all of the benefits provided by our select integrated publishers directly through the standard Webgains Tracking Script. 

Our Publisher Team has taken a considered approach when integrating the initial publishers on this service; we want to be sure that we’re offering publishers with varied capabilities and USPs to suit our clients’ goals and best promote their products. But watch this space, as we are looking to add more publishers to this service very soon.

Considering that these publisher types have no upfront fees and can be live within a matter of days, we have highlighted some of the fantastic capabilities of some of the publishers we have on board so far. – Powers overlays that see an average conversion rate of 25%

Help brands unlock audience potential with seamless, personalised engagement tools.   
A variety of intent based solutions such as overlays, emails, codes and notifications to utilise.  
Their well timed brand aligned prompts and offer messaging transforms browsers into long term customers.

UK jewellery client Acotis Diamonds, saw a 12% increase in conversion rate within seven days of going live:

‘The Tag’ Case Study : x Acotis Diamonds

Envolve – Converts 20% of personalised customer chat into sales

A unique virtual shopping assistant technology that instantly responds to customer queries.   
Using AI and machine learning to relay contextual information to the user with the aim to elevate the online shopping experience and drive them to become buyers.  
Envolve adds a more personalised touch with steer from the clients on the most suitable and on-brand tone of voice for users landing on their site. 

Fitness technology brand Myzone, saw an increase of 190% in sales YoY within one month of going live:

‘The Tag’ Case Study : Envolve x Myzone

Tyviso – Sees a 3% retention increase for clients when hosting rewards

Provides clients with the opportunity to partner with other brands (that they handpick) via three highly engaged methods.    
Through gift with purchase, gift after purchase and reward solutions, brands incentivise users to spend by aligning themselves amongst other brands with a similar audience.  
The Tyviso products offer a unique loyalty opportunity to reward customers with perks they would not find anywhere else. 
The Gift With Purchase campaigns (offering a gift from a non-compete brand when buying a product) see an approximate 6% basket increase on average.  

Upsellit – Provide acquisition tools that increase topline revenue by up to 30%

The various solutions available recognise that each visitor’s intention when visiting a website is different.     
Designed to fill the gaps in the customer journey.  
The technology identifies at what point to create the biggest impact and continually optimises the existing on-site traffic to ensure more purchases.  
With several ways to personalise the UX; from full funnel optimisation to omni channel interaction, they see on average a 5-15% increase in revenue across client programs once live.  

How to get started with ‘The Tag’ as an advertiser


Navigate to the ‘Tracking’ page in the Advertiser dashboard


Scroll to ‘Publisher Services’ where these 4 publishers are listed  


Toggle ‘Activate’ to apply 


The Webgains and publisher technical teams are alerted and begin the integration


The advertiser signs off on designs


Once live – Webgains Advertisers can witness their program performance flourish! 

Each of these publishers is suitable for any kind of brand and will elevate program performance quickly on a risk-free commercial model. Either reach out to them directly or with the support of your Webgains Account Manager. Advertisers can discuss their goals with these publishers and they’ll each build a campaign specifically tailored to the KPIs.

Publishers who wish to be integrated can enquire by emailing our Publisher Team at

Webgains Client?

Contact your Account Manager to learn more about The Tag or email our Publisher Team.

Tech Publisher?

Contact our Publisher Team if you’d like to be integrated to connect with more brands.

Alternatively, if you are a retailer looking to join the Webgains network to benefit from partnerships with publishers like, Tyviso and thousands of others, you can get started here.