Monetise Your Affiliate Easter Campaign

Easter is the first key date in Q2. Although the holiday is a religious one, to many it represents the start of Spring and new beginnings. This, in turn, represents the start of the peak season for many industries.

Easter promotion is synonymous with food and drink verticals; however, we believe that many sectors from home and garden, to arts and crafts, to wellness, to fashion, and even travel can hop on the Easter campaign train.

Whilst traditionally sweets and eggs are exchanged, the custom of other types of gift at Easter is gaining popularity amongst adults and children alike. According to Easter spending is projected to reach £892 million in the UK in 2022, which is 10% more than last year. So, don’t put all your eggs in one basket and discover how you can monetise your affiliate activity this Easter.


As with any other promotional date in your calendar, preparation is key to ensuring success for your affiliate campaign. Now is the time to plan your discount promotions. If you have a dedicated Account Manager, contact them to discuss campaign strategy and inform your publishers to ensure your conversion rate is buzzing.


Creating a dedicated Easter coupon is a sure way to create engagement and boost new customer sales. Whether they’re for individual products, ranges, or free shipping, codes are an easy win to add value to your customer and increase basket size.


Look closely at your data to see what is trending and promote products that you know people are searching for. Equally, analyse your past data to discover what worked well previously and optimise your affiliate campaign accordingly.

Gift bundles, hampers or matching/complimentary sets, as well as Easter packaging are items that tend to make big jumps during this season.

Cadbury Gift Direct is an example of an Advertiser on Webgains running an Easter campaign


Bring the joy of Easter into your creative to draw attention to your Easter campaign. As with any significant shopping holiday or event, schedule your seasonal banners, text links, voucher codes and offers at least four weeks before your campaign starts.

Delight your publisher partners by creating specific text links for them to promote. Product-specific banners yield a higher click-through rate compared to banners with generic messaging and offering. Tailor your banners to promote your key products and don’t forget to have fun with the creative. Keep the mood light and fun with the use of Spring pastel colours and motifs that are representative of Easter such as rabbits, flowers and eggs.


Easter is an ideal occasion to become more active when engaging with your publisher network. Utilise our Affiliate Discovery tool to find new publishers and present them with your Easter promotion. Building a network with a diverse portfolio is key to a successful affiliate programme.

A screenshot of Webgains Affiliate Discovery tool


Think outside of the box and incentivise your publishers through gamification with an Easter rally. Publishers who participate could be rewarded with bonus commissions, vouchers, cash (or non-cash) rewards. This is also an accessible way to re-engage passive publishers.


With your Easter campaign, in combination with content marketing, you can achieve real traffic and sales peaks. Use Easter as your revenue driver.

Easter provides a wealth of opportunity to reach new audiences and engage your existing customer base. Investing in quality content and creative, as well as  stratgising your affiliate activity is a sure way to create brand buzz and drive revenue

As with other key dates in the marketing calendar, Easter is also a highly competitive slot when it comes to affiliate activity. Get in touch with our experts now to ensure you secure the best bookings for exposure and traffic.

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