New Year Resolutions from Team Webgains

As is traditional at the beginning of a New Year, the Webgains Team have been thinking about resolutions for 2020, putting in place aims and objectives for the year to come.

As a company we’ll continue to focus on the long-term by investing in talent, exploring new tech, and delivering ground-breaking, creative and meaningful results to partners who seek to accelerate their business in 2020.

We will keep driving profitable growth for our merchants and affiliates, and supporting the careers of our brilliant Webgains’ teams around the world.

To kick start the year we hosted  a company wide training workshops on the first week of January and are looking forward to hold many more seminars for our parners and staff.

Watch this space for exciting announcements!

We also asked our team if they want to share some of their personal resolutions. Here is what they said:

Ana Castro – Client Support Executive

“I have a few this year – firstly to find the best pub quiz in Bristol and secondly to start baking again, or more broadly, spend time cooking for myself, which goes well with my third resolution of looking after myself!”

Ami Spencer – Group Head of Network Development

“My New Years’ resolution is a green one. To do a better job at re-using and recycling. Shopping at my local green grocers and butchers and avoiding single use plastic wherever I can. I’ve also been reading up on making echo bricks for plastic that can’t be recycled, which is essentially plastic bottles packed full of plastic that can then be used for all sorts of things including building.”

Vimal Patel – Account Manager

“My aim this year is to continue learning Spanish, using Verbling, DuoLingo & listening to podcasts – I’d like to be able to hold a conversation by the end of the year.”

Alona Malinovska – Managing Director

“My personal resolutions are to take stairs whenever possible; thankfully Webgains London offices are on the third floor😊 and meditate every day”

Richard Dennys – CEO

“I’ll be investing more time in the health and wellbeing of my family as well as myself in 2020.”

Jack Davies – Commercial Services and Partnerships Director

“I have a few New Years’ resolutions – the first is to really prioritise learning German – the one language I didn’t learn at school. The second is to pick up swimming and by the end of February to be able to swim 100 lengths without a pause!”

Rachel McDonald – Operations Manager

“I have two resolutions, my first one is to continue studying and complete a Diploma in Event Management & the second is to continue training for several charity walks this year, including my first half marathon in September.”

Laura Vega – Scrum Master

“2020 is going to be the year I nail my willpower. My goal is to do things I have to or should do regardless of whether ‘I feel like’ doing them in the moment. It applies to my physical and mental health, my relationships, etc. everything, really!”

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