Only One Webgains

It has come to our attention that our affiliate platform is being improperly impersonated by a malicious and unknown third party in an attempt to scam users.

Although the scam site bears some resemblance (using the Webgains logo etc) to our proprietary platform, it remains distinctly different and so can be easily recognised as fake.

This is a screenshot of the scam site in question

The app shown above is a scam app masquerading as a genuine Webgains app.

These are genuine screenshots of our Publisher Platform

The screenshot above shows the real Webgains Publisher Platform login page.
The screenshot above shows the real Webgains Publisher Platform.

How To Identify the Scam

URL – Aside from the visual differences shown above it is important to note the differing domain or domains used by the fake app as opposed to our own. The fake site operates across multiple URLs that are very similar in structure, always using variations on the ‘webgainsapp’ or’ domains. In contrast, you will only ever be asked to log in to the Webgains Platform via or

Never Social Media Signups – Unlike the scam site in question, Webgains will never send you login links via WhatsApp or any other social media platform.

Phone Number Never Required – If you are asked to log in with a phone number, the platform requesting this is not Webgains.

No Money Transfer – We will never ask you to send us money via our Publisher Platform.

No Bitcoin – If the platform purporting to be Webgains operates on Bitcoin, then it is not genuine.

Below is an assortment of screenshots taken of the fraudulent app in order to help affected users identify it and steer clear.

Webgains Taking Action

We will be taking all legal means possible to report and take down the scam sites. However, by taking note of the clear advice and guidance above, users should be aware of the scam site and its obvious differences from the Webgains Publisher Platform. If in doubt always reach out.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please contact us –