Working with Webgains under the GDPR – 02/05/18

What’s Happening? 

On May 25th the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. This new regulation, applicable to all businesses operating within the EU, improves the rights of the user over their personal data. This means that each business handling that data needs to be clear about what they’re doing, and with whom they’re working. 

What does this mean for Webgains? 

Webgains is a Data Processor under the GDPR. This means we need to ensure all relationships established with our clients and partners are done so clearly and legally. Publishers, Advertisers and all Suppliers to Webgains will need to accept slight changes to our terms of business, post-May 25th 

What does this mean to work with Webgains? 

If you are a Publisher, you will get an updated set of Terms and Conditions to sign online. 

If you are an Advertiser, you will get an updated set of Terms and Conditions and a new Data Processing Agreement, to sign online also. We are also introducing new tracking code, which will be implemented almost entirely by Webgains, requiring minimal input from your team. 

If you are a Supplier we work with to carry out our obligations to our clients, then you may need to sign a Sub-Processor agreement. 

How will this happen? 

All Publishers and Advertisers will be presented with an Online Acceptance Tool on their Webgains platform. The Online Acceptance Tool is a secure, digital way of signing the updated documents.  

This tool will show the full documents, for view or download, that you will need to accept. If you choose to minimise the tool, it will reappear every 30mins, for each user. 

The user who chooses to accept will need to: 

1.Confirm a declaration that they are authorised to accept the documentation 

2.Confirm that they have read and understood the documentation

3.Re-enter both their platform log-in Email and Password

4.Enter Submit 

A confirmation email will then be sent to all users on the account, and a record will be stored in your account. The Online Acceptance Tool will then disappear for all users. 

Suppliers who are deemed a Sub-Processor will be contacted directly. A list of all Sub-Processors we work with will be included in the Data Processing Agreements in the Online Acceptance Tool. 

What happens if I don’t accept the new documentation? 

All Advertisers and Publishers who wish to continue working with Webgains under the GDPR will have to accept the updated documentation. The upcoming changes in data protection legislation require an adjustment to the definition of the relationships, as well as the operations, of all businesses operating in the EU. 

If you have any questions or concerns, about accepting the new documentation, please get in touch with our dedicated GDPR Support Team, who will be able to answer your questions and make the process as simple as possible.